How can I get my 18 Month old to stop pulling on me?

Mary - posted on 09/03/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




How can I get my 18 Month old toddler to stop pulling on me? She pulls on me all day long and is hurting my back I tell her no pulling on mommy and she throws a fit and continues to pull on me what can I do to make her stop?


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Katy - posted on 09/11/2014




I agree, just stick to it & be consistent. She will eventually learn that she cannot pull on you because thats not good behavior. My sister in law had a similar issue but her baby was actually pulling on her while breastfeeding which was really bad. She put him in this sleep sack called the zipadee zip and he wasn't able to pull anymore. Not sure if your having that issue but just thought id throw that out there if it helps in any way!

Bailey - posted on 09/11/2014




A little tough love. Do not enable her when she throws those fits. When you tell her No an she throws at fit, just ignore her fit. Walk away & don't give in."hurting mommy", and just leave it at that. Maybe talk to her & tell her that she is It may be hard but it can work if you stick with it and it will benefit you and even your daughter to becoming more dependent. Just try it. Stick to it, even if she gives you that cute little "throwing a fit" face, do not give in. Or even if she makes you feel bad for her. Be stern but NOT mean. You can make this smooth & as nice as possible! Good luck! This advice has help many.

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