How can I get my 3 month old to take naps ALONE?

Jamie - posted on 04/25/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 3 month old daughter and she'll sleep in her crib at night, but during the day she won't take her naps unless she's sleeping on me or if I'm laying next to her. She always wants to be held. I've tried laying her down alone, but as soon as I put her down for the nap she'll be wide- eyed and act like she's not even tired. I do let her cry a little, but she never stops and I don't agree with just letting her 'cry it out'.


JenniferMichelle - posted on 04/25/2009




Try to put some music on....we actually had to put a lil cd player in our daughter's room and put calm music on for her. And make the room as dark as possible, if she does cry let her cry for 15 minutes then calm her down then put her back down. It's not fun at all we went through it with our daughter but it works. Our daughter will be 1 on May 19th and still goes to sleep by herself to this day...Not only did we need to get her to sleep by herself but in her crib at all times!! She was in our bed the first 2 months of her life!!


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Angie - posted on 04/26/2009




I agree with Dawn. I had the same problem. There is a book called "The Sleep Easy Solution" and it was amazing!! Good luck!!

Dawn - posted on 04/26/2009




I had the same problem with my daughter, who is now almost 9 months. She's slept through the night since 2 months, but does NOT nap well at all. I know ppl really hate the cry it out method, but honestly, it is the ONLY thing that worked for her. The first couple of days I cried the whole time she cried because I felt like such an awful mother....but now when I put her down, she fusses for a minute or two, and then out like a light. It definately is not an easy thing to do though

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When you put her down, put some thing down beside her that you were wearing eg top. This helps a friend of mine with her daughter.

Ava - posted on 04/26/2009




I don't like letting kids "cry it out" either. Although I understand that sometimes breaking a bad habit is really hard, I always look for alternate methods. I would try some white noise. Try the vacuum or put a small fan in the nursery. It may also work to wrap her tightly in a blanket, to mimic the security she had when she was in your belly... baby stores sell items to help with these ideas... sound machines (for the white noise, or heartbeat (which she heard when she was inside you)) and a specially designed blanket for swaddling. I learned (at least in my case) that my daughter's cries were usually pretty legit. It wasn't her just voicing her contempt for my lack of presence. She's probably uncomfortable in her surroundings or simply scared, and you are her security. I also once heard that your scent can be comforting... sleep with a stuffed animal one or two nights (hear me out), then put that animal in her crib. It could also be a blanket...

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