How can I get my 3 year old to wear clothes?

Nicole - posted on 08/08/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and pretty much refuses to wear clothing around the house. I was ok with it for a little while when she was younger as long as she wore underwear. But now she won't even put that on! She starts throwing tantrums everytime we try to leave the house because I tell her she has to wear underwear under her pants and dresses. We've tried every different style I can find in two different sizes and she just won't wear them. It usually takes an extra 30 mins to get out of the house fighting to get her something to wear and as soon as we get back home she's shedding all her clothes again. Any suggestions?


Devrani - posted on 08/11/2012




lolol i dont mean to laugh at your situation and i know how frustrating it can be, but i was there and had the exact same problem with my daughter. what worked for me is that i stopped getting frustrated and decided to let my daughter have fun. so i got "princess" clothing for her and bought some fairy wings, the cheap ones that is. and i got her to think that princesses dress up everyday and showed her on dvd shows (cinderella and belle and so forth) how a princess dresses and so forth. she sucked it up and unfortunately so did i. lololol but guess what she became a princess and wore clothes and combed her hair (omg that was always a fight) and she enjoys it and i enjoy dressing her up.


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Heather - posted on 08/12/2012




I have 3 girls under the age of 8. The youngest 2 are twins and hated wearing clothes and still hate wearing underware and they are 6 now. I totally agree with the play clothes idea, that worked for them even halloween costumes worked. Then I only had to waorry about them wearing decient clothes when we were going out to eat and such like that. Then they got into picking out their own clothes, which they do a great job at now. My girls love wearing skirts and hate underware. I would always have to make sure they had some on when we left the house. Shorts is a great idea that's what I allways use because they are so busy playing they don't care. some schools I know request that they wear shorts under their skirts. What really nice is you can find skirts with the undershorts allready sewed on. It's very nice to hear that other moms have the same problem. One day they will be over this stage.

Dawnika - posted on 08/12/2012




yes,underwear is necessary under DRESSES in public.

I am a young mom of 5 young children,,there are no clothing rules AT HOME,- we do not allow weird people in our home ,- so no problems,( also have solid wood fenced back yard.)....don't worry mom, it is just that children do not have the hang-ups many adults have ; where I grew up in my parents countries .,Denmark,and would not even think about it.

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