how can i get my 8 month old to start sleeping thru the night?


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Ah, that's a difficult one, and you won't like the answer. Babies have their own body clocks, and some just don't go through the night for a long time. My oldest slept through really quickly, but my little one still wakes up in the middle of the night and he's 18 months. I do think it helps though to work out what is waking them... in my son's case, he gets hungry (he's very active, even in his sleep he moves around all the time, so I think that's why).

I've taken to putting a second bottle in the corner of his cot just before I go to bed, which is about an hour before he wakes up usually... after a short while of having to be helped to find it, he can manage himself and I don't get disturbed.

But they can also wake if they get too hot or cold, so it's worth checking that out, or if there are any noises or changes in the environment cause the waking. The other thing that's worth doing is taking their daytime nap slightly further forward, so that there is a longer gap between the last daytime sleep and bedtime, and also playing lots of active crawling and tickling games in the hour before bed... because wearing them out really does pay off sometimes!

Sleepless nights are absolutely the worst part of them being little... but I could never do the leaving them to cry themselves to sleep... after all, they're not being 'bad' they're asking for something in the only way they know how, be it company, food, change of temperature, etc. So, I do try to look at it, however irritating when you're tired, as a mental challenge to work out what they mean, rather than a 'bad' baby.

The good news is that they all do have their own body clock and it does settle down eventually... and sometimes you can help it along!

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