How can I get my husband to grow up and help me???!!!

Kenesha - posted on 12/23/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Me and my husband have been married for a year now but have known each other for 5 years. Long story short we have had custody of his son since he was 4 months old. When we were working on getting custody me and him made a deal that the responsibility would be shared, and not all put on me. Well guess what, it's all been put on me!
I am now 6 months pregnant, I am so stressed out dealing with the supervised visits with my stepsons mother, CPS, doctors visits, cleaning, cooking. I literally do everything while he sits on the couch.
If I ask him to do something he doesn't think it means right then, and if I say something to him about it he says he was going to do it but I griped at him so he decided not to. I'm tired of excuses.
I'm a full time student and I made horrible grades last semester be ause I missed class all the time be ause my husband would not take off work when his son was sick.
I'm worried about the stresses effect on my baby girl and how this will all work out once she is born. He does not realize anything. He does not understand why I get so angry or why I cry all the time, and he can be very mean. I know I can be mean too but I'm moody and pregnant. Any suggestions?


Rosie - posted on 12/23/2013




Be straight with him, if you feel like you can't talk to him then maybe you can talk to someone else about how you are feeling. If you want to talk to your husband you can try but it sounds like he's only thinking of himself. If you can take a weekend away from him and the little boy before baby here, you could probably do with a break. Maybe you could go see your doctor and talk about how you are feeling and why, in uk they send you to a counsellor to discuss you own anxiety and they can boost your confidence too. They can even help you communicate with your husband.
Remember this though... Relax and have a nice time pregnancy is the easy bit, take a weekend off from school and husband take time for you!
Hope the remainder of your pregnancy is happy

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