how can i help my four year old talk

Satya - posted on 12/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am hoping for some advice, I have a four year old boy and I am having trouble getting him to speak in sentances. we are a bilingual houshold I speak english to him and my husband his father speaks spanish to him we live in a spanish speaking country so for the most part he has spanish around him but as a first language he has more english then spanish, his pronunciation is good when I tell him what to say, but on his own he only will say one word and use signs and other means to comunicate. for example if he wants juice he will just say over and over juice, juice, I always tell him to ask in words, and I will tell him what words to use (may I have juice please) he repeats after me word for word perfectly, but next time he will ask just the same as before, the problem is that he repeats what i say but does not seam to understand what i am really saying because he repeats my answers too, for example i will say "okey you may have some juice" and he will repeat that too.
he is very smart and very well coordinated physically but i worry about his comunication and how to help him talk on his own with out me telling him word for word what to say, he never answers a direct question and there is no to holding a conversation with him.
any advice or if somone has had similer experiancesI would be glad to hear from you

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