how can i make potty training more easy?


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Amanda - posted on 10/03/2009




With my daughter I took her to Wal-Mart and told her she could pick out any underwear she wanted because they stopped making her size in the pull ups and that she had to be a big girl and go in the potty. Couple accidents but she was potty trained in a few days!

Cassie - posted on 10/03/2009




One thing to remember is if your child isn't ready, it's not good to push it. I ask my son if he wants to sit on the potty. If he says no, I don't make him. If he says yes, then we go sit. I sit with him, too. He always says "Mama potty?" so I sit with him then. I also turned on the bathtub and that seemed to make him want to go, but only a couple times. And I reward him with a piece of candy corn. I never give him sweets otherwise, so it's a good treat.

Lacie - posted on 10/03/2009




It depends on what you are having trouble with; I have a nephew who is the same age as my son who was being potty trained ahead of time. So since he was a head of my son it helped because my son wanted to be doing the same thing as him.

Also if you having trouble with him wanting to pee, and his father or a father figure is around, have him go to the bathroom with him. It's so much fun for a lil boy to be like his dad or grandpa or someone who he loves, and they can show him how they go.

Also if he is having problems going number 2, a lot of the time it can be because they don't have anything to put their feet on like adults do when they sit down. My son learned how to go number 2 by facing the back of the toilet. The difference in the position helps them push more. Good Luck!

Barbara - posted on 10/03/2009




i've helped 3 of my friends potty train their kids this past summer. If you have a really close friend that you kids like ask her to help you out by talking to your kids about it every time she sees them (it dont have to be a whole conversation but if she can get real excited and ask them if they've been doing a good job on the potty or something of the sort it really helps!!) Also i made promises to each one of the kids to get them things that they like (i gave one a little bike that i got for 3 bucks at a rummage sale, my God daughter got a little tykes 4 barbie 4wheeler that i picked up for 10 bucks and the other little girl got an art set with a table and chair (again under 10 bucks lol) and i told them that they could only have them if they went pee and poop on the potty ALL the time. and if they quit after i gave it to them i'd have to take their prizes back until they were potty trained again. So far i have only had to take the bike back for one day then she decided she wanted to use the potty again and it hasn't been a problem since:) but if your friend isn't willing to follow thru with the prize or if she dont wanna take it away u can also play on it and tell him that so-and-so came and got it until he started using the potty again. every kid is different and your gonna have to go thru MONTHS of trial and errer to see what he wants the most and will actually work but he'll get it enevtually mama:) just stick with it!!! Another thing i've heard of using is an egg timer. set it every half hour and remind him to go. if he dont have to go then thats ok but u'll be amazed at how fast they catch on with a constant reminder and he'll eventually want to set the timer and automatically go running for the potty when it goes off:) Try to steer clear of food rewards tho as that may lead to eating problems later on......

Amy - posted on 10/03/2009




If you have a boy my aunt had a fun little trick she used with both my cousins. Buy a box of Fruit Loops or a similar cereal and put a couple of loops in the potty. When it's time to go, turn potty time into a game by telling him to aim for a specific loop and awarding points for getting it. Making potty training fun makes it a lot easier for all involved.

Christine - posted on 10/02/2009




When I was potty training my kids I always kept a couple of easy blow up balloons in the closet and had either cup cakes or special frosted cookies in the house while I was potty training. Everytime they went on the potty for about 3 weeks I would have a party in the bathroom and made it very special for them. My kids where potty trained in no time using this method.

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