How can I motivate myself?

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I'm 21, mother to a 19 month old and a 3 month old. I am a stay at home mom and am exclusively breastfeeding my 3 month old. I'm on the heavy side, about 60lbs overweight for my height. I'm definitely unhappy with my body. But I can't find the courage in me to leave my kids to go work out, yes there is a daycare at the gym , but I just don't trust anyone with them. Can anyone help me out in finding ways/things to do to help me loose this weight.


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Do you have netflix? There are tons of workout DVD's you can get through the mail and you can workout at home. Or if you have a double stroller go on a walk once a day then do an ab workout and squats at home. I'm doing an ab challenge workout right now. I had twins last year and am working hard at trying to get my stomach back. I'm also using wraps to tighten and firm the skin back. They are awesome! The biggest thing though is diet! Try to keep unhealthy snacks and treats out of the house so it's not a big temptation all the time. That's what I have to do at least and replace it with healthy snacks that you like. If you are a soda drinker, replace it with water!

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I feel your pain :) I have a 4yr old, a 2 yr old and a newborn. Roughly 40-60lbs (in general) overweight and totally unhappy about it.
Before this last child, I had zero motivation. I talked a lot, like I have throughout my life, but never really got around to doing anything.
I'm come to the conclusion that for me, a huge change just isn't going to happen. I don't like gyms, I love to eat. Simple as that :P
So what I've started doing is making small changes, a few or even just one at a time. It's not resulting in quick weight loss, I'm not seeing those big number drops, but it IS coming off and I AM feeling better.

I found the first thing to start out with is my diet. Smaller portion sizes have made a big impact. I use a smaller plate than I used to and it feels like so much more. Just to give an example, when I used a big plate, I would easily eat 3 large beef sausages and 6 perogies. With the smaller plate, I've cut that amount in half (which is what I had for dinner tonight :P)
I've also found that eating more frequently has had an impact. Dinner was a time that I would stuff myself. Now, I eat every 2-3 hours. Very small meals, just a snack really, but it does help to cut down on gorging yourself :)

You can also take a look at what you're eating, and especially drinking. Pops, juices, even tea and coffee. Replace half of what you drink with water. Water is fantastic. And drink a large glass of water before you eat. It helps to fill you up and a large chunk of the time, what you think is hunger is actually thirst.

As for exercise, find someone to do something with. Having a partner is a GREAT motivator :) If you don't have friends interested in doing something, join a class. Have someone that you can be accountable to, where you HAVE to show up. There's lots of stuff you can do even with the kids. Baby yoga, walking, etc. Find something that you enjoy though. Nothing kills motivation faster than something you HATE doing. There's tons of fun activities out there that aren't really *exercise*, but still get you moving, and that's the most important thing :)


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