How can I teach my 19 month old son to self soothe!

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My son has never slept through the night, give or take a few rare occasions. He is 18 months old. And when I say never, I mean waking up like a newborn, every 2 to 4 hours. I have come to the conclusion that he feels like he needs ME to go back to sleep. I will put him back in his bed, and lye down with him, and he will stroke my hair and be out in 5 minutes, or less. I am fed up, and exhausted. I want him to be able to learn that its ok when he wakes up in the middle of the night and to learn to put himself back to sleep. HELP! I have tried, multiple blankies, stuffed animals, music, nothing seems to change the situation. He has always been a snuggler, from day one. Please tell me he will either grown out of this....SOON, or if I should just lock his door and let him cry in his room. HELP THIS EXHAUSTED MOTHER!


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I know it probably isn't wha you want to hear but..tough love.My daughter who is now almost three always did this up until about 20 months and I finally had had enough! I thought no way am I having a two year old waking up every four hours like a two month old.So I put her in her bed and close the door when she woke up I let her cry! When she cam out of her room I said nothing I picked her up and put her back into bed I did this atleast 20 times a night just getting upandputting her into her bed again.this lasted for a good hour of a nigh time but eventually she would tire herself out.Im not gonna lie I know it will break your heart to hear your son cry but I did this for about a week or two until eventually she stopped althogether (apart from a occasional rare nights) it really annoyed my littler one who was about 4 months at the time but again she was okay with napping in the day also if they don't sleep much one night due to fussing although you'll be tired try to tire the, out in the day and only give them say a hour napping

that way there so exhausted they will fall asleep when they figure out your not giving in!!

luck :)

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