How Can You Make Your Child BeHave?


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First things first. Don't become frustrated or angry! She's a a baby, she gets hungry, tired, etc. Never expect too much. 2 year olds are only capable of managing simple instructions (one task at a time). If she's flat out ignoring you, watching tv or too busy with some play toy, take it away and look her in the eye. Eye contact is soooo important. If all that doesn't work, then by all means time out is the way to go. One minute for each year of age. Use an egg timer. After the time out, ask her what she did wrong. Make sure she understands how she could've been better and make her say sorry for doing or not doing whatever it was. Be consistent and things should drastically improve.

Glendy - posted on 04/30/2009




Put your daughter on timeout. It will be hard, but you need to be consistent.

Emily - posted on 04/30/2009




Don't give the opportunity to respond with negativity. Instead of saying, "Put on your shoes." say "Would you like to wear your pink shoes or your white shoes?" Let her feel she is responsible for a majority of the day to day decisions and she won't feel the need to exercise her autonomy and test so many boundaries when it is time for her to do what needs to be done. Do you have any specific concerns or examples that you feel you are really needing help with addressing?

Suzanne - posted on 04/30/2009




welcome to the terible twos! have you tried time outs? it's hard at first but keep at it! get and egg timer and set it for 2 min and keep reseting it every time she gets up untill she sits for the whole 2 min. eventualy the threat of time outs will make her do what she's told! hope it helps . i did this with my kids! who are 10 and 6 now. you mention time out to tham now and they will do what ever is asked of them !

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