how close are your kids??

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just wondering how soon after you had your first you had another and if it was easy or hard depending on how close or far apart in age :)


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There's 22 months between my first and second (boy->girl) and 30 months between my second and my third (girl->boy).
I've personally liked having them all so close together. My oldest is now 4 and my youngest was just born (4 days ago actually :P) The kids are very close to each other. I mean, of course there's bickering and whatnot, but my daughter is almost as likely to go to her big brother for a hug and kiss if she hurts herself as she is to go to me or her dad :P And he adores reading to her and teaching her new things or correcting her on different things.

I'm sure there are definitely benefits of just about any gap between kids. A larger gap can help the parents to have another person available to keep a general eye on the younger kids (everything from babysitter to tattle tale :P depending on how big the gap is)
I preferred having them close together. Diapers will be over and done with in a shorter time, toys and clothes are easily transferred from one to another, as the older is outgrowing them, the younger is just growing into them. And the kids have less of a generational gap going on. There are 5 years between my sister and I, and we may as well have been born 20 years apart instead of just 5. We get along well, but there's a huge disconnect between us because of those years.

The best gap is really the one you decide for yourself :)

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