How come every single time you go to the doctor you some home with some kind of new virus?


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Lindsay - posted on 04/10/2009




I know that's true with our pediatricians office! Let me tell you I hate the day when we go in for a well child check up because I know within the next week or so they show some sign of being sick. We have to walk through the absolutely full "sick child" room to get to the "well child" (where the br is located) and you can imagine the cross traffic. We always catch something but what can you do?

Jamie - posted on 04/10/2009




Cause you dont take them to the doc when they are healthy, lol, jk. I think kids just get all sorts of crap. I mean they touch everything, everything goes in the mouth. Im a mean mom when I take my kids to the doc they arent allowed to play with the toys or books. Parents bring in sick kids who touch them and Im there for a reason I dont need to add to it.

Danica - posted on 04/10/2009




because people go to the doctor when they are sick so the germs are all over the place. Especially if your kids play with the toys.

Nikki - posted on 04/10/2009




are you talking about with yourself? or when you bring your kids to the pediatrician? cuz if its about your kids then i could answer that part.

im a nurse that works at a big pediatricians office in my area. from my experience when the doctor says ,"your child just has a virus" or "its just something viral" that means that your kid really just has something that no prescribed medicine will "CURE" all you can do is, keep them comfortable, keep them hydrated, dont let a temperature go over 101, reduce congestion with humidifiers. anything you can do to lessen the symptoms they are going through. face it, being sick sucks. there are just sometimes where you cant do anything but wait till it blows over. oh and tylenol and motrin isnt meant for everything. they are used for relieving pain and reducing fevers, dont start giving it to your kids all willy nilly

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