how do i clam my son down

Crystal - posted on 04/13/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i think my son has adhd he is so hipo most of the time


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Kimi - posted on 04/13/2009




Just try to give him three to four hours of fosused play a day. Go to the park or gym with him and encourage the hyper activity then. When you are in your home give him projects to do like painting and glueing. You could also visit with him and help him learn how to use the mouse (I've been doing that with my three year old, it calms her down and she actually focuses on something it's amazing). If he starts acting wrekless give him a time out because that is unexceptable. He needs to learn his limits.

Jennifer - posted on 04/13/2009




HI, My son is very hyper as well. I enrolled him in preschool gymnastics and he does so well. I think getting your child involved in outside/physical activities can really help use some of that energy.

Joy - posted on 04/13/2009




Some kids are just hyper and there's nothing wrong with them.

It might help if he has focused play time where he can use up a lot of energy doing one thing instead of just bouncing around the house aimlessly. If he watches a lot of TV, you could try to reduce him to just one or two shows a day. I've heard so many times that watching lots of tv can be the cause of children's short attention spans.

Renee - posted on 04/13/2009




Try reducing the amount of sugar/preservatives in his food/drinks.

Teach him to sit & read (even if he can't read & just looks at the pictures or makes up his own stories from the pictures), just sitting quietly reading to him for 10 minutes a day can help).

All kids are nutty from time to time - some all the time, just different personalities & not necessarily ADHD.  Mine daughter is very full of energy & does not stop moving/talking/singing/dancing/whinging from the moment she wakes up in the morning until the moment she falls asleep at night.  It's exhausting & frustrating, but I'd rather her be herself than force her to be someone she's not.

Good luck!

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