How do I find the right daycare?

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I have to start looking for a daycare for my 2 year old son. We will need something in about a month in St. Augustine, Fl. How should I research this? How do I know if a daycare is a good center or not? I need some help and reassurance.


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Ashley - posted on 07/30/2012




Hi Anne Marie! I agree with Stosha. Unfortunately, no daycare will care for your child as you do. I suppose that is part of being a great mom! :) I would look around as well as ask around in St. Aug. to see if people you know have been to the daycare's around there. Personally, I wanted my little girl to learn while at a daycare, so it is always best to find one that will start potty-training and that has a curriculum that they go by. Also, I think the ratio for teacher to child is huge too. You want to find a daycare that has 2 teachers for 15 children. I think the law is 1:15 ratio, but could you imagine having 15 kids to 1 teacher? Does not seem safe, but I believe in Florida that is the ratio.

The most important part of finding a daycare is knowing your child is safe and you feel comfortable with the teacher.Good luck!

Stosha - posted on 07/29/2012




Well to be honest even after having four children and my last one in daycare I honestly had trouble with them all. I had numerous personalities to deal with and take into consideration. I always chose what fit my children. I will say that my last child was the hardest to find a daycare for, she was extremely picky when it came to her caregiver. She did not do well with the shift change of staff when I was in Texas and had her in a facility so, when we moved to Va. I wanted to find a home based daycare that she would connect with the first home she cried and would not eat until she was picked up. This only went on for three days because I removed her. Then I took her to another daycare where I met the lady on a Saturday where she was able to interact with her, then took her back on that Monday. To say the least she loves it there, most days I have to pull her kicking and screaming to get in the car. I asked my daycare provider if I could pay for one week to see how things would go and then I would make my decision. She was patient with me and understood. So with all that said, my advice would be do a trial run at the daycare that you feel most comfortable with. For instance, see if they have a drop off schedule or a half day schedule for the first week. This will give you confidents in taking him all day. Best of luck !

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