how do i get my 2 and a half yr old to go to sleep by herself without me having to lie down with her till she passes out?


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Emma - posted on 05/30/2009




Its hard. But u'll get there. Keep ya chin up, Keep praising her and it will all pay off in the end :D Good Luck xx

Ebony - posted on 05/30/2009




thanking you all muchly! :) i have tried a few of the solutions suggested but will admit i didn't persist for long enough with it.. i gave in after the first night! :S
but i will take your advice and keep trying :)

Shannah - posted on 05/30/2009




My son who is now 2 1/2 slept with me from birth til 3 months ago. Its tough but if you get her excited that she has her own room and have her help you decorate it..maybe painting some pictures and hanging them up might help. I just told my son he was a big boy and he gets to get a big boy bed...granted is bed is an old queen size bed that we use to use til we got a new one.

He goes in his room now and watches tv and plays...he would rather be in there most times. She will get use to it..a t-shirt that you wear a lot that has your "mommy smell" might be comforting for her to...

Emma - posted on 05/30/2009




I used to have this problem with my son when he was 3. He is now 4 and sleeps alone.

I just worked my way out the room... Its hard and took me weeks, but it was worth it.

I had to lie next to him till he slept, so all i did was like 1st Night - Lay next to him like normal, strokin his hair and talking etc. 2nd Night - Stopped the stroking and talking just lay there, and if he spoke all i said was ''Im still here, now go to sleep'' ... 3rd Night - I sat next to the bed but still close enought so he new i was there and he could see me and strech out and touch me but i didnt talk to him.... I had to do this for like a week!!! (This was the stressful bit.. cause he moaned for me to talk and get in bed with him)

Then the week after i Basically moved away from the bed a bit further each day, until i ended up at the door with the hall light on so he new i was there.

I must admit it was hard, and he was upset but you have to stick it out, Just reasure her that Shes a big girl now like mummy and she can sleep alone, mummys always there and will always be just outside the door.

Good Luck :D Dont give in to the tears and stick at it.

Some children take longer then others, im no expert but i hope this helps you xxx

[deleted account]

When first putting my stepson to bed, I'd explain that everyone has to go to sleep. I'd point outside & show him it's dark out & everybody is going to bed now. Then I'd just keep checking in & if he was out of bed, I'd put him back in bed. If he was crying, I'd say, "You're a big boy, it's time for night-night." After enough nights of this (I'd say a week), he doesn't care if I'm there or not. I recently got him a Cloud B Turtle Constellation Nightlight since he's destroyed the other 3 night lights I got. So far it's still in one piece & he seems to like it.

Supernanny suggests you don't talk to your child once the lights are out & just sit in the room until they fall asleep. If they get out, put them back in bed. They just want to know you're not leaving them supposedly...

Deborah - posted on 05/30/2009




i would love to get an answer to this question as well..although my daughter is 3+ yrs

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