How do I get my 2 year old to eat??

Jessica - posted on 04/16/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My two year old daughter will eat her McDonalds nuggets and fries but when we're home she doesn't eat anything. Me and her father will give her a buffet throughout the whole day and everything will still be on her plate. I myself get worried because she wants to just drink milk and juice all day. I don't want her to just drink, I want her to eat as well. I have cut back on the juice and adding water to it. She will eat snacks as well but when it comes to her meals, it's nothing. I just want to know what foods should I try to give her so she can have her 3 meals a day. I apologize, I didn't know how to ask a question without replying to this one. Please help!!!


Michelle - posted on 04/17/2014




You need to stop the snacks and drinks and have set meal times. If she doesn't eat at that time then she doesn't get anything else. She has learned that if she hold out she will get the snacks and juice that she really wants.
Get rid of the snacks and juice out of the house. Only have fruit and water available for her.
You need to be strong and be the parent, not let her dictate what happens.


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Amy - posted on 04/18/2014




My daughter is a picky eater also I tried about everything to get her to eat healthy i understand your frustration in buying mc Donalds to get her to eat but mikky ds is so unhealthy . Instead buy her frozen chicken nuggets and fry them with a little oil or microwave then with no extract fat i make my daughter homemade french fries too i buy her pediasure juices they have all the nutrients that they dont eat i get them at wall mart im sure they sell them some where ealse . My little one hates apples but i got her to eat them i got my daughter a toddler table so when shes doesnt want to eat i sit her there and i put her apples and i tell her eat your apples like a big girl idk why but that phrase always works lol. Try to eat with her share the same plate . When i eat i try to put atleast one veggie in my plate i usually always put tomatoes with a little lemon and salt and my daughter akways comes to my plate and eats the tomatoes

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