how do i get my 3 year old her her bottle

Candice - posted on 09/11/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




hey all my name is candice, my child is really attached to her bottle and everytime i try to get her to give it up she goes into a wild raged, hitting screaming biting pintching, punching and all this just because i asked her give it up. I have tried everything possible and even tried sippy cups and the funny thing is that she goes to a pre-school and they dont have a bottle the whole day i dont know what to do next ,,,, please help


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Janet - posted on 09/29/2009




Candice, sounds like you got alot on ur hands. Dominic will be 3 in november, and he is off his bottles , as we let him choose what cup he wanted.A good way to try and get her off the bottles, is throw all her bottles away except for one, and when you guys are out and she drops it leave it dont pick it up. That why you can tell her she lost it, and she is a big girl now so she can use her cup,she might go off like a banchee, but she will soon understand that its gone now and has to use something, else.

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JUST THROW THEM AWAY... make a big deal out of a new princess cup! I would suggest putting milk into the special sippy and once shes content with that... ditch the bottles for sure. Try not to give her the bottle if she will take the cup. Shes going to throw a fit, cry, kick scream the whole nine yards but it will only last a day or so. But fyi you should have done this around 12 months and it would have been that much easier... i understand that taking a bottle is upsetting not only to her but to you as well... your losing your "baby baby" who IS growing up. lies... kids believe lies.. tell her, her teeth are going to fall out if she doesn't use her sippy everytime! it worked with my son!

Samantha - posted on 09/11/2009




i dont understand why a 3 year old is using a bottle......if you had given it up when she was younger, it wouldnt be so hard now. my daughter will be 1 this week and only uses a bottle occasionally. she drinks everything from her sippy cups, milk, formula, juice, and water. i agree, cold turkey. if its not there, you wont be able to give in when she has a fit. just throw them all out

Iysha - posted on 09/11/2009




I was reading this book that touched on this subject. It said to just get rid of the bottles. It's like with the pacifier and blankie. If you take it away and make her go cold turkey, it will be easier. You just need to get rid of all the bottles in the house and tell her, if she asks, tthat if she wants anything to drink, she can use a sippy cup, a regular cup or bottled water, juice, anything. After a couple days, she will get it.

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