how do i get my 6 month old to sleep in her crib instead of her swing HELP!!!


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Alicia - posted on 03/07/2013




I breastfeed my daughter so I find that when I feed her and she's tired she falls asleep. I usually wait until she's good and out and then put her in her crib. When I first started putting her to sleep in her crib (I co-slept with her for two months) I found that she would fuss more if it was completely dark. I ended up buying a star nightlight (it lit up the ceiling of her room with constellations and the moon) and it gave enough of a glow to make her feel comfortable without completely waking her up. There are also white noise machines you can buy since some babies don't like silence. And if she started to wake up I would rub her belly or put my hand on her chest so she wouldn't think she was alone and get scared.

Christina - posted on 03/06/2013




My daughter has always co-slept with me at night but I needed her to takes nap on her own during the day. From about 4-9 months, I would rock her to sleep and then put her into her Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. She would, luckily, sleep well on her own. At about 9-10 months, she started being able to sit up in it, so I had to transition her to her crib. I knew this would not be an easy task because the sleeper snuggled her in more and she was reclined. I just made the commitment that even if she didn't take long naps for a few days, she would eventually get used to it. It took about a week and she fell into sleeping the same amount of time as she did in her sleeper. I still always let her fall asleep on my lap and then lay her down but it's good snuggle time for us and she sleeps well after I lay her down. Hope this helps :)

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