How do I get my boyfriend involved more in our son's life?

Leslie - posted on 05/22/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




We live together and have 2 beautiful babies. Our daughter is 19 months and we have a 3 month old son. He interacts with our daughter all the time, but has a hard time with our son. When I'm at work he will tell me that he can't watch our son because he is always crying, but when Im at home watching him with them there he is calm and cool as a cucumber. Only cries if he needs changing, his bottle or needs a nap. I know it gets him frustarted, and it makes me more frustrated being at work not knowing what to do to help him out.


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Ceatana - posted on 05/23/2013




Sometimes in the beginning the child takes more to the mother my son would cry with his father and I was the only one that could feed n change him.he just needs to be patient and keep trying to set a bond between him and the baby to show your don he's around to.your boyfriend can also be getting fustrated by how good he acts for you and not him.over time the baby will come around but a lot of kids especially boys in the first couple of months perfer the mother itll change over time

KeRashawn - posted on 05/22/2013




I find that many men are like that so you are not alone. My husband and I have 2 kids together. One who is from a previous relationship. I came into the relationship when she was 1 1/2 years old. We ended up getting pregnant with a little girl. I used to get SO MAD when he would take his now 4 year old out to the store with him and take her fishing and everything. But as my daughter got older, he started to come around. I think all men are scared of babies that young. And of course, he would play with her and hold her, but would never change a diaper, give her a feeding. But now, they are best friends. You are not alone, and a lot of mothers experience this. Now my daughter is 8 months old, crawling, has two teeth, and he takes her with him everywhere.

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/22/2013




My husband was afraid of my daughter when she was a newborn. When she didn't seem as " breakable" then he became this amazing hands on father that I could never have imagined. Try to remember if your husband had an easy time with your daughter at that age... I bet he didn't. The best way to help with his confidence is to let him get hands on experience. He will learn your sons needs and will become more comfortable as time goes by

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