How do i get my daughter who is 16 months to sleep in her own bed


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Rebecca - posted on 06/28/2009




I never started the whole sleeping in my bed thing with either of my girls. My youngest is 3 months and she sleeps in her bed, it is beside our bed but only because she doesn't sleep all night yet and her big sister and her share a room and I don't want to wake her up. Other than that, we will be moving in a month or so and both girls will have their own rooms where both of them will sleep. With my oldest as soon as she was able to climb on my bed I switched her to a toddler bed with the idea that "if you can climb in my bed you can climb in yours" and she did fine...with a nightlight of course. :-) Good luck.

Emma - posted on 06/28/2009




im having difficulty with my second child now ( shes 15 months).

with my eldest, i put a tape player in there and she listened to stories, sometimes even a video in her room while she was lying in bed to get her sleepy.

also i said to her if she managed to do the week in her room she would get a toy of her choice -(she was a bit older though) and that really worked aswell.

good luck

Jackie - posted on 06/28/2009




Its hard. My oldest who is almost 3, still comes in to my bed at night. Sometimes, I'll let him fall asleep and move him later, or if I have enough energy to fight with him, just continuously put him in his bed over and over again. I also put 2 night lights in his room, cause he's scared of the dark. Some nights I don't fight with him, since I work, I like the extra time with him and he shares a room with his 14 month old brother, so if he throws a hissy fit, he wakes everyone up.

The key is to be consistent. It sucks with the screaming and crying and it can take hours to get them to stay in their own bed. It takes a lot of patience because getting mad and frustrated doesn't make it any easier. Good luck hon.

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