how do i get my son 2 sleep in he's own bed he's 10 months old know


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It sounds mean but we let our son cry it out, for the 1st week or so, he'd cry for 40 mins before he fell asleep. Everynight it got easier. I also find its best if you have a routine and stick to it. With my son, we play and when it gets to be about 830 or so we start calming down, he gets a bottle, cuddles, and then by 915 we take him to his room change him in to his pj's and kiss him and tuck him in. Now he goes right to bed no problems at all. Good luck, I hope you figure out whats best for you and your son!

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Just tire him out a little extra, set him in his bed and sing him a song or something till he falls asleep. He will feel safe if you stay in there till he konks out. Don't leave him alone to cry himself to sleep that's just too mean. Use his own blanket in your bed for a while beforehand so there's something familiar when you start the switchover. He's crawling now so it is not safe for him to sleep in your bed.

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if he's always slept in your bed I would suggest putting his bed in your room and trying to get him to stay there.. comfort him and rub his back or something n keep tellin him you will be there when he wakes up maybe he has security issues like my daughter.Then slowly u can transfer his bed into his own room unless u think you can handle listenin to him cry then just put him in his bed,give him hugs and kisses w a nightlight on and tell him u will keep checking on him play some southing music perhaps and eventually he will fall asleep the first couple of nights will be ruff but he will eventually get used to it.. its better to do it when there younger rather then older as my daughters going on 17mths and im just getting her into her own bed.. its difficult but u gota keep reminding them that its time to go to bed and sleep in there own bed and that you will be there in the morning.. hopefully this helped (:

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