How do I get my toddlar of the pacifier?


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Bethany - posted on 09/24/2012




My 2 yo lost his-- literally-- and he cried ALOT that first nite but after abt a week of 'looking' for it he finally just quit & doesn't have a clue that I found it a cpl days after he lost it! He only had it at bedtime & nap time so it was rough cuz that was his sleep prop :( but he didn't even fuss but for a day or 2 ..... I've had friends who have snipped the end, or traded it for a favorite toy (in her case it was a giant Dora doll).. I totally agree that it is way harder on the parents than on the kid cuz we have to listen to them cry & we have to be so strong! Good luck!

September - posted on 09/24/2012




Our son was super attached to his pacifier. We just took it away one day. He asked for it a few times that day and then never mentioned it again. Had I of known it was going to be that easy I would have done it sooner. Cold turkey is the way to go in my opinion.

Amber - posted on 09/23/2012




I started only letting them have it in the car, at nap time or bed time around a year, and by 1 1/2 I took it away completely. I did it slowly, but it wasn't a big deal. They didn't even realize they didn't have it anymore.

Leslie - posted on 09/21/2012




Be strong and just take it away! Yes, LO will cry for a bit but they WILL be just fine. It's actually harder on YOU then it is on them.

Robyn - posted on 09/21/2012




With my two boys, as soon as their first tooth showed, I just took the pacifier and threw it in the garbage. First one was at 5 months, second at 11 months.

Kristine - posted on 09/21/2012




Every mothers dilemma! We started slowly. First it was winter so we put the pacifier on a necklace and let our 2 year old wear it, to help eleviate a dirty icky pacificer. In our case because she had the freedom to use it anytime she stopped using it all the time. After we got to this stage we only allowed her to use it for her most important times, such as nap and bed time which we had a pacifier not on a necklace. Once she realized she could only have for sleep and accepted that I would go in her room after she feel asleep and take it away since it already fell out of her mouth. There were times when she would get it back such as when she woke up in the middle of the night. But when she woke up we took the pacifier. Then we limited it to just bed time. An one day took it away completely. I was tough for awhile but she got over it. Good luck.

Amy - posted on 09/20/2012




My SIL poked a pin size hole in the my nephews and he gave them up because it wasn't the same.

Jodye - posted on 09/20/2012




My son was ADDICTED to the pacifier. Last Christmas, we did the "santa" thing and instead of leaving milk and cookies we left his pacifier on the mantle too. It worked. Now when someone asks him where it went he says he gave it to Santa...I tried LOTS of things and that was all that worked.. maybe try that. I also had a friend that took her daughter's pacifier and told her that she was giving it to the children's hospital for kids that didn't have enough money for one and she said it worked for her... you might try something like that.

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