How do I prepare for pregnancy?

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I just want to know the best way to prepare in terms of health and well being.


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The only other thing I might add that I found really helped me was the Healthy Babies program. A health nurse will come out to your home once a month or every other week or whatever you guys decide and can answer any questions that may come up during your prenancy and help prepair you for what is to come. You should check and see if they have a program like that where you are. Trust me it helps!

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There are lots of things you can do to prepare.....take pre-natal vitamins, increase your protein and calcium intake, drink lots of water, either cut-out caffiene all-together or at least cut back to one serving a day, there's herbal teas that help promote healthy pregnancies, I highly recommend using a juicer - it's delicious and it gives you energy and of course it's great for both you and the baby, start doing your 'kegal' exercises (in case you don't know what that is - whenever you have to pee and you hold it back, the muscle you're using is what you want to strengthen so that you don't pee on yourself when you sneeze or laugh and it will also help with intercourse and with healing post-birth), it is important to rest and to minimize as much stress in your life as possible, and to help prevent stretchmarks - start rubbing the cocoa butter lotion or baby oil (or whatever you choose) now so that it will increase elasticity in your skin before really needing to. Hope this helps!

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hello my name is holly and iam wondering are you pg now or planning ?

take god care of your self and take your multivitamin,even tho i know they are nasty ,take at nite you will sleep threw if you get sick and u will have more energy in the morning ...when u wake up and u feek sick nausa ,eat a saltine craker before you get up it hepls keep a pack next to your bed ...say clam as possible ,go to all you dr apt , dont cleen cat box if you have one make hubby do it or some one ,the amonia from cat urion is not good !!!!Drink lots of water ,no diet not good for baby rember ,what ever you eat or drink the baby gets first ...dont drink or smoke or do any drugs be verry care full what you takke over the counter

good luck

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well always take the prenatal vitamins are recommended, make sure to get rest in whenever you can and of course doing all the drs appointments...... you could also read the books on how to prepare they are pretty helpful. Good luck and God bless


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Drink Raspberry Leaf tea. I know that sounds strange but my midwife and birthing class instructor were adamant that it would strengthen your vaginal walls, or cervix, or something.

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Have a strong support network of friends and family who are willing to hear you vent about nothing (to you it's everything at the time) Eat regularyl and healthy take prenatal vitamins now. Make sure you're in a head space that is stable and secure and a Very supportive partner is much needed. No matter what you do you'll never be ready but if you have a strong support network and a strong partner who is on the same page as you then it goes much smoother.

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I agree with the others that it's important to take your prenatal vitamins and eat healthy. Don't drink alcohol or smoke, and exercise. With my second son, I really made sure to stay on top of exercising. I wasn't over the top, but I made sure that I was walking EVERY day. It really helped keep swelling to a minumum, my labor and delivery was much easier the second time around, and my recovery was very quick. I felt great after my second pregnancy. Most importantly, follow your doctors guidlines, and make sure you have regular prenatal visits. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, and read lots of books/magazines about parenting and the first year. The more prepared you are the less nervous you will be when the big day arrives.

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All you need to do is take the vitamins & listen to your body. You know what is right for you!

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take your prenatal vitamins,limit urself to like 2 caffeine drinks per day,follow ur drs orders,and keep all appts,dont partake in any alcohol or tobacco products,spicy food even though it taste good is not good when ur preg,heartburn is killer(tums or mallox only)the smoothie tums are the best.the most important thing to remember is ur baby depends on u and what u put in ur body will directly effect how ur baby turns out. O and be prepared for way too many ppl trying to rub ur belly!!!lol good luck

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