How do I stop breastfeeding???

Veronica - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have been breastfeeding for over 7 months now and I want to stop. My daughter actually does not take the boob, just the bottle. I pump and all she ever has is breast milk. How do I switch over to formula and how will my breast milk dry up with out being engorged?? Please help!!


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Frances - posted on 09/12/2009




oh thats easy! just do it gradually, if you are leaking Pump!, if your not don't. Its really as easy as that. soon you will leak less and doing this way you dont get engorged! i mean dont pump at the first sign of leakage, wait till its getting heavy! youll wean yourself off, if that makes since. and as far as the baby goes, it works perfect, as you milk get less and less, use formula more and more, and in a couple of weeks, 3 at the most you should be done and the baby on stait formula. my biggest hurtle was loosing the bond of my 5th child..since he's going to be my last! :( but you shouldn't have that problem you've already switched to bottle, so good luck!

Allison - posted on 09/12/2009




it is a very slow process you have to gradually get more time inbetween pumpings and dont pump all of your milk out anymore that will help naturally decrease your supply

just pump enough to make your boob stop hurting.

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Drop one feeding a week or every couple of days if you want to go faster. I nursed to a year, so that my daughters could go straight to cow's milk, but formula would work the same way. At one year, each of my daughters have been down to four feedings, so dropping one feeding a week meant that I had weaned them completely in three weeks.

Talisha - posted on 09/10/2009




well with my oldest daughter i went cold turkey she was 16mounths old and she did just fine and now with my new baby i give her both formula like twice out of the day so she can be use two both of the milks try it that way and see if that works if not just go cold turkey and don;t give any breastmilk at all just more formula

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my daughter would not take the bottle just the boob for 9 months not even a dummy... so u r half way there. u can do it 2 ways- 1 formula per day or just swap straight over. If u put cabbage leaves in ur bra 4 a couple of days the milk will dry up in no time... u will feel like a salad but u dont have to do it for with my daughter at 9 mths she took the bottle i changed her straight over and it took me 1 mth to dry up it was agony. with my next 1 i used cabbage leaves and it worked a charm:-)

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