how do i unblock my 7week old son's nose without having to go to the chemist?


Karen - posted on 01/31/2010




my son had a filled up nose at 5 weeks and the dr at the hospital told me to use saline drops - he hated having them put in at first, but as he got them a couple times it's not so much of an ordeal to do anymore. at that age i found it was easier to put them in while he was sleeping because he didn't move around as much and he didn't notice that they were really going in

Brooke - posted on 01/31/2010




The saline solution worked well for my 2 month old. I also bought a suction thing at the pharmacy. It was different from what the hospital has and i found it to work way better, its plastic and one end goes up to the babies nose and you actually suck on the other end and it just pulls all the mucus out. there is a filter on it so you dont suck up the boogers into your mouth haha, it works like a damn tho!

Crystal - posted on 01/31/2010




what i had to do for my son was go into the bathroom and put the shower on let the room get all steamy then sit in the bathroom for a good 5 to 10 mins. and his nose would just clear up.

Ceilidh - posted on 01/31/2010




Actually, the breastmilk for eye infections does work, I haven't heard to use it for unclogging noses! The miracle of breastmilk. For my son when he was just over a month I used saline drips and the bulb saringe they gave me at the hospital. Just use the drops as much as necessary (they are just saline). I would do 3 drops/nostril, lay him back, wait a minute then use the saringe to get out the mucous. It works, they hate it and will scream which sometimes proves to be counterproductive due to the crying creating more mucous, but if you're patient it will work. Hope this helps.


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Rachel - posted on 01/31/2010




one of my twin girls is the same way! we use a cool mist humitifyer. they say the warm ones are useless because once the mist gets in the air it cools off (makes since) also the little noses does work they also have some called ocean spray (it is more $) the sucker... we call it the bugger getter... lol.... my little one laughs when i use it on her and she is 5 months old!

Kandace - posted on 01/31/2010




suction his nose out also use a humidifer and you can get vicks drops for humidifers this will not only help the runny nose but also clear any congestion he might have.

Jocelyn - posted on 01/31/2010




you can buy those nasal aspirators, which are great. I also used to use them to put a little drop of salt water up each nostril, to unblock. It usually makes them sneeze and obviously then brings some of the mucus out. Not very pleasant for them but definatley helps.

Amber - posted on 01/31/2010




you could use that suction thing the hospital uses when the baby is born. :)

Gail - posted on 01/31/2010




my son has bronchitis and his mucus membranes are swollen his pediatrician told me to use saline solution they sell one called little noses specifically for was only 7 dollars at wal greens but its somewhat painful i think cuz he started son is seven weeks also so im sure its safe since his pediatrician said to use it...

Michelle - posted on 01/31/2010




One thing that is kind of gross sounding is if you are breastfeeding you can put a drop of breast milk in the nose that is clogged. The doctor told me to do it lol. She also told me that you can do it for pink eye in babies. There is supposedly a long list of things that you can use breast milk for besides feeding. The other thing is mix some warm water and salt and put a tiny drop in the nose. It is the same as saline spray that adults use. Good luck also:

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