how do u deal with depression?,i have 2 boys,n 1 newborn girl,i love them with all my heart n soul,j


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Renae - posted on 06/17/2009




Other than what everyone else has mentioned as far as talk to your doctor and whatnot...just make sure you do stuff for you. I wasn't full blown PPD but I wasn't the absolute happiest either...I felt like I had lost who I was....but I have found that even little things like spending time with friends by myself or showers really help me to relax and its really all about how you handle your stress. Stress is the number one cause for depression because un-managed stress leads to chemical imbalances and chemical imbalances are the definition of depression. Be sure to get help if you really feel you need it...and don't ever let your pride get in the way (some people are like that, you know?) Anyway, good luck and stay strong and positive!

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I had a problem with this after I had my first child. I don't know if it was full-blown post-partum, but I was miserable. I talked to my doctor, and she suggested getting involved in activities that had nothing to do with being a mom. So, I joined a gym and took a yoga class (ouch!). But, I met some nice people, and got to be Dominique instead of mom for a while. It really helped. After my daughter was born, I went back to work, and things have been great. I think the key is finding time to be you instead of mom for a little bit every day. Good luck!

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Go & see your doctor. There's no shame in feeling how you have been - get the help you need :)

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Take a peak at the Mother's who are or have experienced post partumn depression group. They have some good tips for ppd and regular depression. The biggest thing I can suggest is get out whenever you can to do things. The more you sit around your house and stare at the walls the more hopeless things look. Also SCREW PERFECTION! My Son's things are clean and put away, we have food (even if it is stored at McDonald's most of the time) and so what if the clothing is in baskets for a week so long as it's clean. You LOVE your children. take the time to LOVE yourself with a 1/2 hr to read a book, or take a walk without kids, or sit and watch a show.

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