How do u potty train a child that doesnt talk?

Staci - posted on 07/03/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 16 month old doesn't talk yet, she still just says mama and dada and babbles the rest of the time with every now and then saying another word. She keeps taking her diaper off and my husband thinks we should try harder to potty train her. She will sleep through the night without wetting her diaper, she has watched me when I go to the bathroom and I tell her that I am going to the potty, we have a potty for her and I have used it a couple of times right when we get up and she has peed in it but the rest of the day when I ask her if she has to go potty she just looks at me and continues playing. Im at a lost on figuring out how to do this. She does understand some things like bring that to me, close the drawer, close the door, put that back, but that is it so far. Any suggestions


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Maretta - posted on 07/19/2012




My daughter was fully potty trained at 19 months....and that includes overnight so YES it can be done!!!!

The communication can be an issue (my daughter was putting 2-3 words togather) but dont get discouraged. keep talking to her and praising her, with positive reinforcement, and talking her to the potty every morning you are already setting the foundation for a positive experience in my opinion....

Happy training & dont forget about the POTTY DANCE.

Soon she will be running to the pot

Another thing i would do is let Leah go around the house with no bottoms on (sometimes) and when she felt the urge she would run to the potty and i was right behind her screaming clapping dancing & getting over excited. We started at 16 months when she first said potty by 17 months she was in panties only during the day and 19 months all the way.

I think all children learn at different times.

Casey - posted on 07/09/2012




I've been casually working with my daughter (17 months, starting at 15 mo) on potty training. I use sign language for potty to help her tell me when she has to go- I googled the actual sign for it, but you can use anything as long as your consistent. She's certainly not potty trained, but she knows what the potty is for. Her face lights up when she starts to go in the potty and she usually claps for herself when she's done. She will sign potty sometimes right before, during, or right after she goes (either in the potty or her diaper) so I think she's still figuring out what it feels like. She also signs potty everytime she sees me sitting on it- mommy goes potty too! I think it's great to teach your child body awareness and what the potty is for as long as you stay positive. Focus on learning the concept, not on staying dry (at least for now).. I plan on switching her to training underwear to help her learn to stay dry sometime between 18 mo and 2yrs when she will have a little better control physiologically. Right now I just praise success and just tell her she pooped or peed when she goes in her diaper and I change her. No big deal.

In the 50s 90% of kids were fully potty trained before they turned 2. I believe it's very possible!

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Potty training early doesn't help them learn earlier, it only means you will be potty training for longer. Most kids don't train until after 2. Just wait, it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Leslie - posted on 07/04/2012




my daughter start when she was 14 months and now 19 months. She can't tell me needs to go, but she has gone 11 times since we started. I'm not in a hurry and she will get it one day. she says about 15 words. she is a very easy go baby and loves to do anything I want to do.

Staci - posted on 07/04/2012




Well Louise, she does take her diaper off after she either wets it or dirtys it, yea she really can't communicate with me but she always removes it when its dirty or wet she is very smart and mature for her age she understands when she has done something good or bad and she only gets frustrated when she can't do something everyone else can

Louise - posted on 07/04/2012




Can I just say that you need to stop! It is a medical fact that babies under the age of 2 can not 100% control their bladder and can just about control their bowels. What you are aksing her to do is neon impossible at her age. I have toilet trained three kids and it took 2 weeks and that is it. All children are different and mature differently by the average age is 2 years and 4 months. My first son was two years 6 months my second son was 2 and my daughter was 2 years 4 months. I took all three to the toilet with a seat and never used a potty. All three were totally toilet trained within two weeks and it was stress free.

All this toilet training that goes on for months is just pointless. Your child has to be able to communicate with you, has to be able to know when then need the toilet and most of all need to feel unstressed and relaxed about the process. Please dont rush her to try and do something she has no control over, all this will do is stress her out and give you false hope that a wee in a potty means she is nearly trained it is not, it is pure luck.

Wait until your child wants to be toilet trained. Wait for her nappies to be dry for long periods of time, or she does not like being in a dirty nappy or tries to remove it. It is far less stressful to do an intense 2 weeks when your child is ready to go on for months and months because simply they are not!

Ileah - posted on 07/03/2012




peeing in the potty right when she wakes up is a great start. you should be jumping for joy! and theres no trying harder at potty training, not for the parents anyway. your little girl will do it when she is ready. its got to do with alot of things. is her bladder ready? is she mentally ready? has the potty been a good experiance so far? but most it fun and rewarding?

her not being able to talk isn't really a barrier. im sure you know when shes hungry and thirsty! its just there's a different look for "i need to" or "i am peeing". leave the kid diaper-less and watch her, you will catch on. when she starts to go on the floor stick the potty under her and say "omg you did it! wow what a big girl you are!" it takes time and patience. but mostly just let her be the leader of this one. its the first step in her learning her body, you want to make it a confidence building experience.

hell i did everything to get my girl potty trained at that age, she would go in the potty but not consistently. i gave up when she was 19 months. she is now 26 months and fully potty trained. she has been for 2 or 3 months now. all it took was me backing off and leaving the potty in an obvious place. she rarely has an accident. what i learned is that she can hold her bladder...for hours. so where as they tell you to ask the kid if they need to go every 30mins, and after they have a daughter would just get frustrated with the questioning because her bladder is like a bottomless pit. her record for holding is 4 hours. and if we ask her if she needs to pee its answered with a frustrated "theres no more pee in me!" but watch out when she needs to go. she runs at the speed of light!

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