how do you balance your life and your 2 month old

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im a single mom with a 2 month old with alot of help but how do you balance your life


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I've found that if you can get a feel for your baby's schedule you can do a lot more than you would think. My daughter is about the same age as your baby so hopefully yours has reached the point where there is a semi-predictable routine to the day, too. My day tends to go like this:

My daughter will wake up for the morning somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30am. She'll eat, get a diaper change, we'll play for a little bit, I'll change her again, feed her again, and then typically she will want to nap for a bit. Usually it's around 10am and she will nap for an hour or so. While she naps I do housework (dishes, laundry, etc.) When she wakes up we'll sort of do the same thing as in the morning until she's ready for her afternoon nap, which is longer than the morning. This is when I will go out with her since a car ride usually lulls her off, and once she's out she tends to be a pretty good sleeper regardless of noises and such. This 3 hour window when she naps is when I usually fit in my "me time." I'll run errands and then meet a friend for coffee or walk around the mall. After our outings we go home, and do our dinner and bedtime routine. This way I get some grown-up time, get things done, and can still be the kind of mom my daughter deserves.

Once you can get a routine figured out life gets a lot easier. It doesn't have to be a set in stone sort of thing, with a 2 month old making sure everything happens at the same time every day seems like more trouble than it's worth to me, but a general schedule to the day helps things go smoothly. And of course if you have a willing baby-sitter take a few hours every few weeks for you to just go out and do your own thing. You need to have some you time since one of the keys to a happy baby is a happy mommy. I hope this is helpful. Good luck and congratulations on your baby!

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