How do you deal with ur a.d.h.d child when he mis behaves at school?

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My son is 7 yrs old and mis behaves at school he is a.d.h.d and it seems that right after the morning ressuse is when everything hits the he was throwing things at his classmates and screaming......i am at the point i just dont know what to do anymore.......i need help.....


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thanks girls me and the school are going to think of something to help claim him the afternoon he seems to be ok just mornings are the worst....

Ashley - posted on 10/06/2009




I have a lil brother that has ADHD and trust me it is very challenging so I know what you mean. I think what is going on is that he is just so wired up from being able to play and having the freedom to run around that he isn't realizing that he has to calm back down once back inside. What you can try to do is talk to him and explain to him that he can't do that. I help my mom with my little brother all the time, granted he's a teenager now but he still has problems with calming back down after playing or in my brother's case having freedom. I hope this helps you!

Carol - posted on 10/06/2009




Im assuming that you meant 'recess' so I'm gonna help based on that. I think the problem may be the 'recess' its self. he gets very excited while outside playing with other kids. therefore when he gets inside because of the ADHD he cant settle down right away. I think this is something I would discuss with his teacher, he needs different structure then the rest of the children. maybe he needs some time after recess to sit by himself and settle down, a book possibly? or his favourite toy?

but this is something the school should be helping you out with, kids with ADD or ADHD have different needs, they need to be treated differently, if talking to his teacher doesnt help, they do have RN's that are taught how to deal with kids with ADHD maybe its time to bring in one of them.

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