How do you feel about placing a 3 year old in Modeling, Acting?

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I have a three year old daughter who is a true character. I get a lot of people telling me I should put her in modeling or acting agency. She is a very bright young girl who has said to me that she wants to be on T.V. I just wonder how safe this would be for her. Any comments, questions or helpful suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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I think that as long as it is something she wants to do, you should look into it. I believe that kids should do things they are interested in, as long as you stay in control of it and don't allow the money to cloud your judgement.

Jo - posted on 06/04/2009




i dont have any experience in this area, but i think that aslong as you remember she is a child and if this takes off you still give her time to just be a kid then i think it would be great. i think the hard part would just be making sure that she isnt doing anything that is going to be exposing things to her to young. but your her mum and im sure you will make sure that she is always happy, safe and doing things appropriate for her at this stage.

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