How do you get kids off game systems if there dad

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How do you get your kids off a game system if there daddy playes it as much or more


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Devon - posted on 06/02/2009




i agree with shana and think that jill has a great idea. either give them a certain amount of time on it or put it away and only use it on rainy days. Also talk to your husband about how much he is on it and tell him that he needs to set more of an example for your kids. exspecially if he is on it all the time.

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we're in the same boat here. Where the weather is starting to be really nice lately, we unplugged it and put it away ONLY for rainy days. It's worked wonderfully for my 9 year old, because he's outside playing and what-not....slowly but surely, I found my husband getting outside and doing things, neither one of them have asked for it in about a month.

Shana - posted on 06/02/2009




Move the system into your room and tell them that it is Daddy's toy. If they can use it and you don't mind letting them have some time with it, make them earn it in half hour or hour increments. They have to finish homework, do chores, etc. before they can play. It is summer now and they will have more free time, try to find things for them to do that is not indoors.

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