how do you get rid of a "fupa" without surgery?

Jennifer - posted on 01/11/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




that area of your lower stomach that just sags if stretched to much after having a baby,mine is rediculous! how can I make it look relatively normal again without splurging on a tummy ruck?


Jamie - posted on 01/12/2010




It takes time and work, I used a weighted hula hoop. your skin is elastic but you gotta get the blood flowing to that area. Crunches didnt work great for me, i never felt it working. A hula hoop worked awesome and going from 105 to 168, and having 2 c-sections I look hot in my bikini.

Katrina - posted on 01/12/2010




when you find the answer you share!! =) i just had my second and now im done with my child bearing..ive been doing "your shape" on wii its working great for weight loss but excess skin is not easy to get rid of..i never got rid of it from my first even though i lost all the baby weight and then some.... im thinking tummy tuck..later when i can justify the expense...


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Maria - posted on 08/21/2014




I have had 4 c sections 3 years apart my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with cancer and had to do chemo therapy, I lost lots of weight and after delivering my baby I weighed 117 and I am sure it was due to the illness and chemo. It has been 16 years ago and the older you get the more droop you get its a how you eat and exercise to an extent and the other part is how big you got during your pregnancy; your skin stretches and later fills up with fat cells fatty tissue scar tissue you cant build tissue only muscle which most people know that in a csection they cut through layers of skin tissue and muscle to get to your uterus; honestly I think there is nothing you can do to bulid that up again; I have tried and tried I always still have a fuba...and being that I had 3 bikini cuts and then one cut down the middle of my stomach for that last delivery I cant get any strength back in my tummy. I hate it as well its embarrassing with your clothes off,but I guess I should be happy I am here; I beat Cancer =)

Jessica - posted on 01/12/2010




i bought a wii fit. its helped a bit, but some of it is in the genes i think. if your mom had a pooch after the kids, most likely you will too.

Heather - posted on 01/12/2010




Sit ups!! I gained 50 pounds durring my pregnancy and I looked gross afterwards!! I started doing sit ups right away!! I do regular situps or crunches and then I drop my legs to either side and to side crunches. Also, I do lunges and push ups, walking will help too.

Alicia - posted on 01/12/2010




I'm doing 8 minute abs..buns..legs.... off Youtube....... It's working for me ans YES i have the same problem.

Anna - posted on 01/11/2010




hey jennifer, i know exacty what you mean. i was 113 when i got pregnant and at the end of my pregnancy i was 163. my belly was HUUGEE!! lol. my stomach is def not the sameeither. i looked some things up about doig crunches and stuff like that but i heard that it never really goes away totally...and to be honest i hate working out. ive lost a lot of my weight but i still have that excess skin. if your trying to look better in your clothes...i wold reccomend spanks. lol. i know it sounds kinda granny but it does make it look better lol. sorry i culdnt be more help!

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