How do you get your kids to brush good?

Julie - posted on 07/26/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I can't get my 'step' kids to brush their teeth right. I moved in with my boyfriend about a year ago and have tried different ways to get them to brush with out having to sit in the bathroom with them. Myles is 6 and Bella is 4. I have showed them using my teeth how to move the brush in circles and get all sides. Then showed them on their teeth. They still were only brushing for about one minute, and not doing good enough. So I went and got a timer showed them how to set it for 3 minutes and said thats how long you have to brush for. Then I caught them just standing around with the brushes in their mouths chewing on them. So I went and got that mouth wash that turns their teeth blue if their still dirty, didn't work. Now I'm lost for ideas I don't want them to get cavities but I can't treat them like babies and do it myself. This is also hard for me because I have a son, Luke 5, who has always done great. Both me and my boyfriend were raising our kids on our own and I know he tried to do his best, but I was a dental assistant and know that it takes more to do the job right. Anyone have advice.


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Jamie - posted on 07/26/2009




Most kids lack the dexterity to brush thier own teeth properly until about 7 or 8. So you should be brushing thier teeth for them, its thier teeth a major part of thier life, so its not babying them, its protecting thier teeth. And if you arent going to do that then you need to supervise them when they do it. I know it helped with my kids I acutally started brushing their teeth in the kitchen. Its hard to brush thier teeth when they are trying to stare in the mirror, doing it in the kitchen has taken away that distraction.

Jessy - posted on 07/26/2009




My daughter has a musical toothbrush, she loves it. My cousin a dental hygenist has 2 girls with light up toothbrushes they like to do it in the dark. Sounds like you have tried hard to get them to do this, what if you use reverce phycology on them? Tell them you dont care if they get cavities cause its only going to hurt them not you. Go on and on about how much it will hurt. Dont know if thats helpful or not. Good luck.

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