How do you manage getting your older child to school after giving birth?

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I'm asking ahead of time, my baby will be due in 4 weeks. I have an 8 year old and I'm having him discharged from daycare once I go on maternity leave. They provided transportation to and from school. And in my area there has been problems in the beginning of the school year with one of the elementary schools merging with another and caused major bus transportation problems: kids were dropped off at the wrong stops without adult supervision, some dropped off an hour and a half late. The bus system here isn't good with notifying parents during the summer the hours when pick up/drop off will be when it comes to the home. I had my son assigned to take the bus the daycare provided and yet the other bus from the school came by my home to pick him up and neither myself or my boyfriend were home because of work. He used to take the bus the school provided two years ago when he wasn't in daycare and since last year when he started daycare he's been assigned to their bus and there was no problem with the confusion of two buses because I assumed I had to call the school every year towards the end of the school year to let them know I needed transportation for my son. Long story short, I will be responsible for driving him back and forth to school and I'm worried of him missing school once I'm in the hospital in labor depending on the time of day/night and no one can take him to school in which I will be fined by the school for unexcused absenses since a parent being in labor/hospital for sickness or disability doesn't count for an excused absense for a child. Now if I call up the bus transportation for the school and put my son back on the list for pick up/drop off, their policy is a two week waiting period til he gets transportation. No one can take him to school, my dad starts work in the wee hours of the morning and my boyfriend has to be at work 6:30A, school starts at 8:30. I was never prescribed painkillers after my first born, plus I didn't drive because I didn't have a car or used anyone else's at the time. So I was wondering if anyone experienced this whose had more than one child and the stress from trying to find a way to get your school aged children to school while you're in the hospital in labor or recovering afterward. Particulary single parents, since I once was one. And of course it'll be different if giving birth during the summer when school's out but not all of us plan it that way.

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