How do you potty train a 2 yr old? she sits on it, plays with the potty but wont go to the bathroom.


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Tekisha - posted on 07/18/2009




I have the same problem. My son goes on the potty sits there then stands up and does not go. he only went potty twice in one day two weeks ago but not done it since. Once standing up and the second time prior to bath time as it was left over from the diaper/pull up. I gave him a treat, tootsie roll and now he thinks that everytime he sits on the potty without going he gets a treat. i only gave him a treat when he actrually peed. I have no idea what to do except keep on trying daily. I don't have enough time to do homework and keep him on the potty every 5 minutes and I am not cleaning up my house after him just to let him go without a diaper, I have carpet. Boys are different in that aspect as they don't care what they pee on. I just try to keep asking him if he has to potty every 30 minutes or so. He sit on potty for about a minute then goes. I don't know what to do, either. Wish i could be of a bit more help.

Meagan - posted on 07/18/2009




try finding out what her schedule is when she goes to the potty in her diaper one day, then start putting her on it at those times.....or even every 30 minutes, it takes awhile they usually dont go right away at 1st, girls are the easiest to train! GOOD LUCK!!

Francisca - posted on 07/18/2009




I was told by a daycare provider to put them on the potty every hour,I am traing also she will pee but allways tell me after the fact when she poops.It takes time and just keep at it.Good Luck....

Erin - posted on 07/18/2009




i made all sorts of sticker charts. everytime my kids went potty they got a sticker to put on the chart, when the chart was filled up they got something special, nothing big just a little reward. the dollar tree is great for that! :O) my daughter just turn 3 about 2 weeks ago... and was still not fully potty trained, she was terrified of pooping on the potty. i have bought the little potty it even plays music when she went, then i go a princess potty seat to go on the big potty...she would go pee all day without a problem. as soon as she had to go poop, she would get a pull up and go in i had to do something about i moved the pull ups to the top shelf in the linen closet so she couldnt reach...that afternoon she told me she had to go poop and got on the potty...

just keep trying and dont give up! she will get it! i promise!!!

Nakeia - posted on 07/18/2009




i put my daughter on her potty an let her watch Elmo`s Potty Time an she sits an watches it an sometimes she goes an sometimes she dont but its good practice for her

Amber - posted on 07/17/2009




Waiting for them to go in the toilet the first time is difficult!! I would try to get her to sit on it after she wakes up in the moring and from nap times. and shortly after she has something to drink. Also if you notice her trying to go number 2 then rush her to the toilet and try to get her to finish there. When she does finally get it. Make a big deal out of it. I know mine loved to dance and clap. Then they got to flush the big potty which they loved for some reason. :o) Also i would try to put her in big girl panties, and keep a close eye on her, if she starts going just say oh we need to get to the potty quick! There is going to be accidents, its part of the whole potty training experience :) They know they can use the bathroom in their diaper so it makes it harder to get them to go in the potty. Good Luck!

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