how do you unspoil your child?


Amanda - posted on 04/28/2009




hello my name is Amanda and i use to have some very spoiled children and it was not because of me it was because of the family, I told my family that they need to ask before they give and they need to understand that thing s cost money and we don't have it right now, we have to finish building our home first priority, but now when they say they want something we write it down, and than we give them a goal that they have to reach like right now the girls is goal is not to be whinney for a month, they may cry but not for no reason, our girls are really whinney, and if they make it for a month they get that prize that way they worked for it, and they understand that it's not easy to get the money, and half the time it takes them two to three months to get it it's great. well good luck


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