how early is to early?

Joanna - posted on 04/30/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




i am 28 weeks pregnant and i was just wondering how many people have had a baby that was born early how far along they were with a baby that survived i am just worried that if i do go early that my baby wont make it. i need some answers so that i can be put at ease.


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Shannon - posted on 04/30/2009




the earliest I have heard of is 23 weeks... although i have heard that lately there was a 22 week baby that survived.... every week spent inside gives them a better chance at survival or survival with less complications....
good luck and don't worry!! lol

Elizabeth - posted on 04/30/2009




don't worry... you are way past the point of too early. if I remember right from when my son was born at 29 weeks, 24 weeks is viable. That is probably conservative since that info came from a military hosp. that loved to give out bad info. I shouldn't complain too much though... Have heard alot of moms or babies never leave that one in particular. Just don't worry. My son was born at the gest. you're at now & he's 2 now. You'd never know to look at him... Good luck! & don't spend your energy worrying. Lay out & enjoy the beautiful weather instead

Brittany - posted on 04/30/2009




I think i've heard of ppl that were 16 weeks early. Don't worry about going early, it will only stress you. Just count each week as they come. My mom had me at 6 weeks and the only thing wrong with me was I was really small (4 pounds) and I had jaundice. I even had hair and fingernails. I thought I would have my daughter early because of that and worried and worried. I was sure she was going to come early, I even made sure to have all the baby stuff set up in my 7th month. Guess what! She came at 38 and a half weeks. She's small, but she's perfectly healthy. The pediatrician i chose kept asking if she was premature because she's so small and her head is small, but that's how i looked too. Just do everything you can to keep from going early and pretty soon you'll be praying for your baby to hurry up and come (probally about 35 or 36 weeks lol.

Emily - posted on 04/30/2009




First of all, don't worry yourself into early labor! Do you have any signs that the baby might come early? Have you been put on bed rest? Was your other child early? I think if you focus on a happy healthy pregnancy you'll feel better about everything.

Sarah - posted on 04/30/2009




my son was born at 33 weeks he's 7 now. Looking at him you'd never think he weighed 4lbs. my mum and her twin were born 3 months early one was 1lbs 4oz and the other was 1lbs 1oz. They were kept in shoes boxes wrapped in cotton wool that was soaked in hot olive oil and feed every hour with an eye dropper. they're 50 now and other than my mum having asthma which she got in her 20's there was never anything physically wrong with them. try not to worry yourself too much about going into labour early which i know is hard. Best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy enjoy it

Katie - posted on 04/30/2009




A guy I work with his wife had a son about 3 months early.He weighed less than 2 lbs. at birth.He is now almost 18 months old but does have developmental problems.He was born with a hole in his heart which they had to close early.But he did survive and is thriving well.Good luck with everything and I hope everything works out well for you!

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