How far along were you when you had a positive hpt?

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I'm curious how far along everyone was when they finally got a positive pregnancy test. I'm 21 days past ovulation and have an irregular period. I've had sore boobs and slight cramping. I've taken 9 tests in the last two weeks and they were all negative. I'm now on cd day 41. This is driving me nuts!


Christy - posted on 07/11/2012




You normally have to wait about about 4 weeks after conception for their to be enough hormones to show up on a test. Since you are going by ovulation I would say testing 6 weeks after ovulation would be a safe time to test. Although every pregnancy is diffrent. With my daughter I had a bright red positive sign before I missed my period. With my boys it took a few weeks longer.

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my friend has this issue. she "went" in a small cup and then dipped the test in that for a few mins and then it finally showed positive! hope that helps!

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With my first pregnancy I found out at about 4 weeks.

With my daughter I found out at about 4 1/2 weeks.

With my third pregnancy I found out at 4 weeks.

With my son I found out at 4 weeks.

Every time except with my son, I found out a few days prior to when my period was going to start, with my son I took a test the day my period was due. With my first I knew I was pregnant a week before my period was due. I ended up taking 3 tests. Only the last one at about day 30 of my cycle came out positive.


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I was 2 weeks after conception and 4 weeks after the start of my last period. The only reason I remember that is because when I called the doctor to make an appointment I told them I was 2 weeks and they said I was actually 4 weeks and that they wait until 6 weeks for the first appointment.

I "felt" pregnant the day after conceiving I know that sounds weird but I just felt different. I am pretty regular I don't remember what day it was exactly in my cycle that I conceived I had just gotten married and left my charts at my mom and dads, I'm Catholic and had to take a Natural Family Planning class before getting married so we learned how to chart and I just continued after the class.

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Sometimes the pregnancy hormones don't show up on the bought tests if you aren't far enough along. The one at the Dr office picks up the light trace. So I would go to your OB/GYN.

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I was actually 2 weeks. But other women don't have a high enough hormone level til closer to 4 weeks.

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I got a positive test result 5 days before my missed period. I was about 2 weeks along when I found out. You could always go get a blood test to be sure; it would be a lot cheaper than the hpt you're using.

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I found out at 8 weeks with my son, but at just 3 weeks this time around. My best recommendation is instead of waiting and going broke buying HPTs is to make an appointment with your OB (or a clinic or your PCP) for a blood test which shows elevated HCG levels quicker.

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With my oldest i found out at 5 weeks

with my youngest i found out at 4 1/2 weeks

and I just got my BFP on the 4th of july at 4 weeks with baby #3

I really hope you get your BFP! Please keep us updated :)

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Hi there! I can sympathize with you because I too, ovulate later in my cycle than most and I'm also irregular. I conceived both of my girls on Day 23 of my cycle. I didn't know I was pregnant with my first until I was almost 6 weeks pregnant because I had had surgery and I assumed that my nausea/soreness/etc. were all aftereffects from surgery. With my second daughter, I almost immediately "felt" pregnant, but had negative home tests. I finally went to an urgent care clinic, assuming that the cramping and lower abdominal pain I was experiencing were due to a bladder infection. My supposed bladder infection was my baby #2! So....I found out that time when I was about 13 days post conception. Home tests did not confirm the doctor's urinalysis for another 2 days!!

I hope this helps!! Good luck!!

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