How is it going out?

Christina - posted on 10/08/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I'm wondering if you still can have a good time or are you always worrying when you're out?


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Jackie - posted on 10/09/2009




I totally get where you are coming from! I have a 4yr old daughter and a 2yr old son and i have not had a single day or night away from them!! I just dont trust anyone to look after them! I am goin to find it really really hard to let my daughter go to school! LOL but i do wish that i could go to town and shop for me or go see a movie or have some adult time.... but i would know i would worry worry worry!!! :( i understand what you are goin through!

Kalyani - posted on 10/08/2009




you shouldn't worry till she is with the people u trust... it is only good for her as it is good for u

Brandy - posted on 10/08/2009




My first time out, my daughter was almost 4 months old and the girls wanted to take me for a couple drinks. I thought it was too early but they insisted and so did my fiance so I went. I lasted one hour, had my cell clutched in my hand the whole time and I think hardly got through a conversation without getting distracted and worried that Kevin would need my help with the baby. I was breastfeeding exclusively at the time and she had never had breastmilk from a bottle before that night so I was worried she wouldn't like the nipple or he would over or under heat the bottle and that he would panic. I wasn't having much fun. But it slowly got easier. She is 17 months old now and I think I've been out 6 or 7 times now and I'm getting used to the fact that she is okay and the only people who babysit her for me are her dad and my brother and his girlfriend so I know she is in good hands.

Tara - posted on 10/08/2009




I was fine at first but it just seems to get harder and harder. Id rather be at home with my kids. Not that I can even get a babysitter where I am now. Everyone is different though.

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my husband and i used to go out all the time, now that we have baby, we take turns. we go out alone so one parent is home with baby. We only do date night once a month, we go to my brothers house (they have an old portable crib with wheels) and stay there for the night so that baby can sleep in his crib with unlce and auntie and then when we get in we can move him back in the room with us or if we want mommy daddy time we leave him in their room, but i'm always there when he wakes up in the morning. They are really good about it, they send pics on my phone all night and my husband does the same when i go out without him. Just find someone who will go by your rules and follow your bedtime routine. I helped them and husband with bedtime routine a few times before i let them do it alone. I'm a control freak.

Cristina - posted on 10/08/2009




I'm like you, I have a hard time going out unless my Mom is watching him (she seems to be the only one who can settle him down besides us) and she lives out of town! But I agree with the other Moms here, you need some me time too. Call and check in if you need to and just take it a few day dates here and there til you feel more comfortable!

Lindsay - posted on 10/08/2009




Find someone you trust and go out and enjoy yourself! You may not realize how much you need it until you actually get out there. I've found that I'm a much better mommy when I get a little adult time every now and then! =)

Candice - posted on 10/08/2009




i actually had no problem leaving him at all ... i just left him with someone i trust and called once to check in .. if you call to often youll start to worry more and wont enjoy yourself

Christina - posted on 10/08/2009




Thanks. I'm worried I'm going to turn into a hermit. I almost don't think I'll be able to trust anyone to watch my baby. :-/

Christina - posted on 10/08/2009




I have enjoyed myself while out without the baby! At first it was hard and I felt like I could never leave her but when you truely need time to yourself you will enjoy it...You will still think about your child and definately still talk about your child but you will still enjoy the time you have to yourself!

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