How long should I use child leashes?

Carol - posted on 06/19/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have two kids, boy and a girl. My son has ADHD and asperger. Whenever we went out I would use the child harness on him. He's 16 now, and he out grew the kid harness so I use a leash around his neck instead. When would be a good time to stop?


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Denikka - posted on 06/19/2013




I'm all for child leashes for kids who run. . .but I'm with Michelle on this one. A 16yr old should not have a leash, and especially not one around his neck! That's just plain dangerous! I can think of dozens of situations where that would go horribly wrong.
It's one thing to have a 2, 3, 4yr old on a backpack leash in a crowded place, this is just above and beyond something else.

I'm going to call major troll on this one.
There's no way that any 16yr old would allow his parent to have him on a leash without some severe mental defects, which ADHD and Asperger are NOT.
If there is any chance that this is real, Carol it is WRONG and it is bad parenting if not down right abusive.

Michelle - posted on 06/19/2013




Are you serious?!?!
That would equate to child abuse using a leash on a child. It doesn't matter that he has ADHD, he's NOT a dog!!!!! I'm surprised no one has reported you.

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