How many people are using Implanon?

Lauren - posted on 09/14/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have only had mine for a couple of months, and I have had two terrible periods, and now I seem to be spotting a lot....what I want to know is, have any of you had it long enough to tell me if yours started the same way? And if so did it get better? Or did it start great and stay great? Or stay bad?


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Becky - posted on 09/14/2009




I had Implanton, and had it removed 6 weeks later. I had terrible reactions to it. 2 days after I had it placed, I developed bruising that lasted a week. I developed itching where the Implanton was placed,had sharp pains shooting up and down on my left side,could feel the blood flowing in my left leg,had bad mood swings,and spotting.

I have been thinking about what I'm going to use as another form of birth control, and have decided to personally not go on anything else. As a nurse, I believe that all the side effects of the different tyes of BC is not worth it. I was thinking about having Mirena, but read horror stories of bleeding lasting for a long time, weight gain, and men feeling like they were scratching wires when having sex. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with the Implanton.

Rita - posted on 09/14/2009




first six months i had 2 periods....then it was every 2 weeks no pain. Now it is every 2 weeks, pain and mood swings. I have also put on about 10kg since having it in although that could be from something else.

It is different for everyone, if you have had a vaginal birth you can get the IUD but idk if i want it. I am thinking of taking the implanon out and just not getting anything.

Felicia - posted on 09/14/2009




i got my in august and i have yet to have a period, cramps or anything that would make me think i would be getting my period..

Michelle - posted on 09/14/2009




I have Implanon. The first 6 months were hell. I felt like if I wasn't bleeding, I was spotting - I really thought about getting it taken out. I've had it for about 15 months now and it does get way better. Every month or two I have a reallllly light period, that I'd classify more as spotting and that's about it. I don't know that I'lll get it again when the 3 years are up - but it does get a lot better after a while. At least in my experience.

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