How many times does a 5 month old need to eat cereal,fruit and vegetable baby food?


Niki - posted on 03/15/2010




at 5 months they generally dont 'need' it at all - its up to you and your baby really

Lynsey - posted on 03/15/2010




Babys can live and be healthy on just formula or breast milk up to 12 months, its just a learning experience and getting them use to new foods. i suggest starting with cereal and green vegetables and non sweet foods because alot of times if they get use to the sweet fruits they will refuse vegetables. i even say its a good idea to do non sweet foods for the first couple months, so they get a taste for it

Michelle - posted on 03/15/2010




a teaspoon once a day is fine of cereal at first and then around 6 months introduce different tastes- main thing is to relax and have fun!!!!!!

Rebecca - posted on 03/15/2010




I agree with Niki that it's not a need at this age. We started our 2 kids on cereal between 4-5months and they got it twice a day and then at 6 months it was on to veggies once a day with the cereal 2 times a day and then by 6.5 months is was veggies and cereal 2 times each a day. We don't give fruits until they are well established on veggies,meats usually around 9 months. If fruits are introduced too early or the same time as veggies you run the risk of them not wanting veggies at all and just wanting fruits, which can cause a headache for you when they are a bit older. My son is 2.5yrs old and loves fruits and veggies and my daughter is 8 months old and we tried her on peaches the other day and it's a no go for a while at least lol. She hated the taste lol.


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Paige - posted on 03/16/2010




People say don't give your baby any food until they are at least 6 months, but do what you want to, it's your baby. I started my baby on cereal when she was 4 months old, started introducing her to veggies at 5 months (my doc recommended me to do so). So far she has tried sweet potatoes and carrots (she is 5 and a half months now). Her daily menu is cereal for breakfast, veggies for lunch and then cereal for supper. She has also had the rice cereal, barley cereal and oatmeal baby cereal and she has been doing great on everything! Don't introduce fruits until last, because then they may not eat their veggies and meat.
Good luck with everything! :)

Kerri - posted on 03/15/2010




My son refused to eat baby ceral so we went strait to baby food at about 4 months. And he has been eatting regaular oatmeal and grits since about 6 months for breakfast and he looooves them. Now hes 10months and eatts with us for dinner every night and if its something that he can't eat(he has no teeth yet) then he has a jar or 2 of stage 2 baby food. and he eats apple sause and all kinds of stuff. Try ceral with him and if he doesnt like it get some of the baby fruits and put a spoon full or 2 in there and also it wont hurt him/her to try some of the stage 1 baby foods to start off with. And if he/she likes them but wants more go up to the stage 2 baby foods the only difference in stage 1 and stage 2 is how much is in the jar. Good luck hope i helped!! XD

Stephanie - posted on 03/15/2010




I started my daughter when she was 4 1/2 to 5 months old. I would give her cereal in the morning for breakfast, then just a bottle for lunch and for dinner like half a jar to a whole jar and just a little bit of juice. Then she would get a bottle for bed time. But it is really up to you child. My daughter was always hungry so we started her early and she was eating the cereal really well so we moved up to vegetables, then when we got all through the vegetable we went on to fruit. So if you think your child can handle it go for it. Good luck

Melissa - posted on 03/15/2010




All you have to really do is just introduce foods right now. Everything your baby needs now he's getting from formula or breast milk. Just introduce new foods slow so you can detect any food allergies quickly. And have fun with it the more tense you are the harder it can be for baby.

Christine - posted on 03/15/2010




At 5 months old you don't have to be giving them any food. As long as they are getting their formula they are good. All your doing is getting them used to eating so having cereal once a day is the best to start with.

Sheree - posted on 03/15/2010




At 5 months my daughter was having 1 cereal meal a day, i only started her on solids at about 5 months. Then at 6 months started her on fruits and vegetables, at that point she was having 3 solid meals a day :)

Schyla - posted on 03/15/2010




I only fed mine once a day but I waited until they were 6 months before starting them on fruits and veggis they ate cereal at 4 months once or twice a day usually right before bed.

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