How Many Words Could Your 19 Month Old Say?

Crystal - posted on 09/11/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




hi i was just wanting to know how many words your kids could say at 19 months my son doesnt say that many when he does he only says it once and thats it.


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Helen - posted on 09/11/2009




my 14 month old has about 45 words (learnt bubbles today) but barely even tries to cruze let alone walk. His cousin only had "mummy" and "cat" at that age but had walked from 7 months. they are all different. The general guidance actually says that the average 18 month old has between 3- 10 words so don't panic.

Christy - posted on 09/11/2009




my 2 yr old boy doesn't say anything, once and awhile YUM or ZROOM thats it. boys typically learn social skills after girls and i've had many people tell me not to worry, it's normal yadda yadda. i even had early child development people come in to assess him at 18mo old and i was so stressed when they left. they asked me if i thought he had ADD, can you believe it? just be patient, he'll learn at his own pace.

Susanna - posted on 09/11/2009





my daughter was a chatter box from very early on, i was very shocked at all the words she could say and clearly understand! i personally think that the reason for this is that she was socialised alot- playgroups daily and play dates too, plus lots of playtime with her much older niece who would read to her etc. i also made a conscious effort to talk to her loads and would often have music on too that she loved. my daughter is 2 in 5 weeks and i can have a conversation with her and know exactly what she is saying or asking. every child is completely different so dont panic. does ur little 1 enjoy socialising etc? or does he like to keep himself to himself? my friends daughter does that, she is 6 months younger than my daughter and doesnt say as much as my daughter did at her age but we out that down to the fact that she liked her own company mostly!


S. - posted on 09/11/2009




sienna's about 20 months now and she shocks me it seem's everyday she say's something new,her fav word's are "NO WAY" i think it's horrible i have no idea were she got it from.she's also started to join in with singing just simlple things like boom,boom,boom and "E.I.E.I.O I alway talk to her tho,most of the time i'm sure she's wishing i would just shut up.i also thinks she picks up alot from my oldest daughter.

but all children are different my nephew did'nt even make a "single sound" to the point that my sister was worried and was going to take him to the doctors,just after his second birthday he was sat in front of the T.V and just sarted to sing along with the childrens program on at the time,he shocked the lot of us.

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