how much should my baby be eating?

Sharni - posted on 06/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is 6 months old and only has one lot of solids plus 4 200ml bottles a day. should he be having more solids?


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Lori - posted on 06/06/2009




I agree with Natalie, we started our daughter on solids when she was 6 month. We would feed them too her around lunch time and dinner time and after she was done eating would give her a bottle to make sure she was full. Is your baby just starting solids? Also, make sure you are trying to feed him solids before the bottle because he'll probably eat all of the bottle and not be hungry for the other food. His eating solids is to get him used to eating the food he'll eat when he's older, but he's still young so I wouldn't worry about it too much. If he doesn't want to eat solids now, try again next week.

Natalie - posted on 06/06/2009




There is no percise amount to give him I would say! If you see that he is getting full off of what he is eating already than I would say that it is enough! But if you find that he isnt totally satisfied than add a little more solids to his eating! Go off of what you see from your son and not what people tell you! That is my advice!

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