how much weight did you gain your first pregnancy

Cheron - posted on 07/11/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




this is my first pregnancy . my pre pregnancy weight is 145 but i got so sick i went dwn to 124 by my 4th month i stopped being sick now im 8months and i weigh 158 the lady at wic said i was under weight but to me i think i did good from 124 to 158 what can i do to gain more weight.


Coral - posted on 07/12/2009




Every woman is different listen to your body and baby I have gone up and down throughout the pregnancy and my baby if fine. I don't always feel hungry but I know when to eat. Doctors don't always know what they are talking about I have used WIC too sometimes they are thuro and sometimes they rush u and don't care. If your having a problem with your doctors like I am trust your body and baby they will tell you what you need.

Kate CP - posted on 07/11/2009




-20 pounds.

I had hyperemesis and I was sick 3-4 times a day EVERY SINGLE DAY until the day I delivered. My kiddo was born 19 inches long and 7 pounds 2 ounces and very healthy. You've gained the weight back and you're not being sick any more so I'd ignore the nice ladies at WIC who obviously don't realize that every pregnancy is different. You're doing fine, hon.

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Don't listen to the people at wic, sounds to me you are doing great especially losing so much then gaining it all back plus some. With my last i lost a lot of weight at the beginning of the pregnancy and i only ended up gaining a total of 12 pounds. She was perfectly healthy when she was born. Just listen to your doctors advice, he/she is alot more qualified to tell you how you and your baby are doing.

i personally don't like what wic has to say. all my babies have been "overweight" when they were babies and now they are all skinny little kids.

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With my bub, I only gained him. When I gave birth to him I was actually lighter than what I was before I got pregnant. I was prepared for massive weight gain, but no gain for me.

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First of all, the ladies at WIC aren't the law on accurate weight - they said when my dtr was 8 mos old that if she didn't start growing they were going to make us enroll in child obesity classes ... AT 8 MOS!!! She just grows slower than other kids her age ... now she's average for height and UNDERweight. My suggestion is to talk to your doctor ... tell him what WIC has told you and see what he/she says. That's what's important. My first pregnancy I was under weight prior to and had to gain a minimum of 60 pounds for a successful pregnancy ... I did it by having a strict schedule of eating every two hours. The first a meal full of carbs and protein (eggs, oatmeal, pancakes w/bacon, etc) then fruit and a sandwich two hrs later. Then some form of pasta for lunch. Then similar snace but possibly some granola based instead for the next snack. Then for dinner some heavy protein with tons of veggies and some kind of bread. Then a final snack for the day being something I called dessert ... something bread based with something sweet. The heavy carbs and protein will not only help pack on the weight it will build strength. Plus it will substantiate the baby. I went through what you're going through w/my second one. I only gained 12 pounds with that one b/c i was sick the whole time ... you just gotta make sure you are strong enough to deliver ... that's the key.


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Rebecca - posted on 07/11/2009




whe i first found out i was pregnat with my nearly 2yo i was 63kg and in the months leading up to his birth i put on a huge 30ish kilos, once my son was born i lost most of it as i had heaps of amniotic fluid and water retention, also i had a 8lb7oz baby and a placenta that was aslo biger that what my midwife had normally seen. i just went jeans shopping today and was suprised that i could fit into a pair of size8 (NZ) as i havent been that size for as long as i can remember,

Laura - posted on 07/11/2009




I have gained 30 lbs and i am 29 weeks. i started prepregnancy at 132lbs and 5'8 and a bit

Cynthia - posted on 07/11/2009




I know a few moms who went through the same situation as you in regards to being under weight during their pregnancy but following the advice from your doctors and nutrionist towards the end of your term you should be fine.

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