how old were you when you got pregnant ?

Casey - posted on 07/21/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




How old were you when you first got pregnant ?did you plan your pregnancy ?
I want to wait a few more years til I'm about 23-24 before I try for kids but sometimes have the urge to just stop taking my birth control and get pregnant is this a normal feeling to have ?
I wish I was already older and financially stable already.


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Melanie - posted on 07/29/2014




hi i was 17 wen i had my daughter knw 9 the dad never stuck around so i was a single mother it was hard as i still lived at home with my mum n dad although i loved bein a mum it was very draining my friends was goin out doin their thing i was at home with my daughter i woudnt change haveing my daughter for the world buh u have to b ready it nt a decidion u make lightely i am knw married with a 2 year old son n stay at home mum bein a mum is the best feeling ever buh u have to be ready dnt rush into nething make sure its wha u and ur other wants at this time ov ur life coz once u have a child u cnt give it back good luck xx

Shelly - posted on 07/27/2014




I am 20 years old and just had my first baby its hard as a young mother. If it is not for my mother and father being there to help me I would have broke down I am not financially stable and my advice to you is to wait until you know you are stable enough and yes it is natural to want a child

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