How should I go about finding a babysitter or daycare that I trust?

Haley - posted on 03/01/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




My husband may be getting a new job that is leaving us with hours when we are both at work. I have been very hesitant about trusting others to watch my child, and I need some advice on places to look and what to look for while I search for a babysitter or a daycare. My son is only 9 months old. Please help!


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Haley - posted on 03/02/2009




Ahhh! That's why I am scared in the first place. I am a teacher though, so I can't work from home. I don't have any friends with babies, so I have to trust my own impressions and whatever references there are. I think I will head around the neighborhood and try and meet local moms too and how they found their babysitters.

Amie - posted on 03/02/2009




Trust your gut, even after wards if your feelings change find a different one. Mine went through 3 before I just gave up and talked to my boss, I now work from home for him. He was very understanding though and very helpful with the process, made me feel like an even more valued employee too since he wouldn't accept my resignation and made it work for both of us so I could work from home.
Anyway, the day care situation was a nightmare for us but for so many others it works. Just takes finding the right one I guess. After all the hassle though and bad experiences I was way to paranoid to try again. =) Hope it helps, I don't mean to scare you with my story just want you to go with your gut. You can ask a million and one questions and observe all you want but what really matters is what happens when your not there. =)

Maleasha - posted on 03/02/2009




When we put our daughter in daycare we asked lots of our friends that had children who they trusted with their kids. We also went to a lady that we know who inspects daycares and helps with the licensing.

We just moved and are looking for a new daycare and just contacted the local workforce services. They were able to give us a list of all state licensed daycares in the area.

Haley - posted on 03/02/2009




Thank you all for your help. I am going to put out an add on craigslist, and start researching the centers in my neighborhood. I am still so nervous!

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Trust your gut! check them out and see what you think and don't rush, a daycare is not just somewhere for your child to sit and be watched many are educational and should provide an healthy environment so scope the place out, interview the daycare providers, and always always trust your gut. I was so scared to leave my son when I started school again but I found a great daycare and its like school for him. They taught him infant sign language, hes started learning how to take turns (at 1 year old lol) and the key thing that I like is the open communication with the ladies, they keep me posted and they're comfortable with the parents. I can walk in there at anytime unnanounced and nothing is amiss. On the plus side daycare really helps babies socially when they transition to school. Trust me if you pay attention to the right details you'll be able to tell if something is up. I've had Aiden in private home childcare and now hes in a daycare, personally I prefer the daycare but theres pros and cons to both so the best advice is to get out there and check them out and give yourself enough time to really feel the place out before you commit to one. Best of luck :)

Leron - posted on 03/01/2009




i found that i got gut feelings with the places that i visited. Our son had to be in daycare from about 2 months so we couldn't really test what he thought. The place we chose let me come in and nurse him right there where they were watching kids and was very open to having me come visit at any time which really helped calm my nerves about leaving him. Once I saw that he was doing just fine i did better too! They also kept a good record of what he ate and when he napped and what diapers they changed...that helped me feel like i was involved even though i had to be at work. Go with your's never easy to leave your little one but if you're relaxed then they'll do better too.

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go around and see a lot ofdifferent centres spend some time ther (half hour or so) and u will get a feel for the place and also see how the staff interact with the children good luck

Jen - posted on 03/01/2009




You could also look for stay-at-home moms in your area. There are planty of moms out there willing to watch other children for a few hours a day. Believe it or not can help you find a babysitter. There are always listings for nannies, sitters, and at home day cares that are looking for jobs. We have 2 backup sitters that we got after posting an ad on craigslist. You have the freedom to ask what you want before even meeting the person. Then you can set up a meeting with them and really get to know them. As for day cares just call around to the ones you see in your area, set up tours, and ask whatever questions come to mind. Good Luck.

Sarah - posted on 03/01/2009




Definitely find a place that is state and natioanlly licensed! If You hear the term NAEYC you are in a good place! NAEYC is the National Association of Education for Young Children and it is a set of HIGH standards for childcare settings. The standards cover curriculum, family relationships, health and safety, community, teacher qualifications, everything! and the centers have to keep an up to date portfolio with evidence proving that they do everything correctly. Ask to see your child's possible classroom's portfolio. I work in a NAEYC accredited center and trust me they check in frequently to make sure we continuously provide quality care!

Felicia - posted on 03/01/2009




Finding a daycare can be difficult and stressful. I went around to five daycares in my area before finding one that lived up to my standards! The best advise I can give is to call around to the local daycares and set up an interview with them during daycare hours so you can see how many kids attend, how clean the place is, how secure it is, etc...I was able to get a listing of the daycares and of the licensed  individualy operated daycares from an organization listed in the white pages of the phone book under child care.

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