How to concieve a boy?

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I know it's a bit silly to ask, But my husband really really wants a son.
We have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy daughter who is the light of our life. She will be 9 months old next week and when our daughter reaches 1, we said we would TTC #2. I would be thrilled with either a Boy or Girl, just as long as there healthy. We already have everything for a Girl, but if God gives me a Boy, well that is just another blessing in our life. However My husband being born and raised in Russia the culture puts alot of stress on men about carrying the last name onto the next generation. My husband would be thrilled with another girl since we don't plan on stopping at 2 children....However I have friend who tried the Shettles method and is pregnant with a boy..I don't want to sound selfish since I was already blessed with one healthy little girl, but I do want to do want to do this for my husband. Did the Shettles method work for you, did anything work for you?


Shana - posted on 08/08/2010




my girlfriend who wanted a girl after 3boys swears by shettles!! For her though much like you, she wanted a healthy baby first pacific gender second!! but the chienese calender has proved accurate for both of our kids (8 between us :) )

Jakethia - posted on 08/08/2010




If, you want a boy, you have to ask GOD about it and believe that you gone to have a boy. I am wishing you the best with your next pregnancy and wish that God will give you and your husband a handsome little baby boy, good luck.

Kimberly - posted on 08/08/2010




It is the male that determines the sex of the baby, so there isn't much you can do. Just enjoy the process!

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Nichole - posted on 08/08/2010




Get yourself an ovulation test kit, and don't have sex for a few days before so that there aren't any "leftovers" lurking around in there. I had heard that male sperm was stronger and faster, so it gets there first, but they die after only a day. Since girls are slower they live for 3-4 days. When I got pregnant with my daughter, the "conception" date that they came up with was a couple days past when we'd done the deed. My son, was literally concieved the day I took the test and we did it. It was two days earlier than they would have thought with my "first day of last period" and both ultrasounds I had confirmed that I was the one that knew when my baby was due for sure, lol. Now, some guys can only have girls, and some can only have boys for some reason. But if your husband can go either way, I would seriously try this. And definitely get the tests. You don't necessarily ovulate on the same exact day each month and this will help you know for sure. Good luck!

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I dont know my grandmothers theory worked for me. I dont know if okay to post it. Her theory was missionary produces girls. She called it "puppy fashion" lol (doggy style) produces boys. It worked for me...

Mel - posted on 08/07/2010




I heard that male sperm swim faster but die quicker than female sperm so you should have sex at the end of your fertile period when the egg is lower in the tube. This way the male sperm will reach it before the female sperm. This is what my mum did when her and my dad wanted a son and i ended up with my brother so...who knows

Albertina - posted on 08/02/2010




Chineses calenders and watching when you are ovulate. It works for me. I got my girl and then my boy

Claire - posted on 07/25/2010




I went by what a friend told me who had one of each like she wanted, she said when wanting a boy have alot of sex while ovulating, and if wanting a girl have sex once 3 days before you ovulate, it worked for me ive had a boy, girl, boy and i find out friday what number 4 will be:)

User - posted on 07/25/2010




It's all chance if you are going to have a boy or girl. You got more or less a 50/50 chance. So any of the old wife's tales/charts/ methods/etc. are correct some of the time.

Jessica - posted on 07/25/2010




You can find ovulation calendars on the web that can tell you the best days of the month to have intercourse to conceive a certain gender....

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i've never heard of the shettles method, but what i do know is that boy sperm are faster but die quicker and female sperm are slower but last longer. if you want a boy, you should have sex near the end of ovulation on a position that allows for deep penetration so the sperm can go really far up. if you want a girl, have sex at the beginning of ovulation in a less penetrating position.

Ashleigh - posted on 07/25/2010




Same here, the chinese said I should have 2 girls and I have 2 boys. They say that if you have sex the day you ovulate you may have a higher chance of getting a boy - supposedly y chromosome sperm swim faster but die quicker than x. So in theory if you have sex the day you ovulate or before with deep penetration you have a greater chance of a boy. or vis versa. Good luck! We wanted a girl but neither pregnancy was planned so I didn't get to try it out.

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