How to cope with daughter's father?

LaShannon - posted on 12/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello Mother's and Fathers (ig), I'm 19 and 9 months pregnant. I was once in college but my daughters father stayed on campus with me while he sat out the semester (academic probation) and due to me arguing with a roommate we were both evicted and I had to come back home because I had no where to stay (out of state student).

I found out not less than a week that he was trying to have sex with one of my roommates and texted her while I was asleep or in class. Of course he denied it and wanted to bring up past guys, that I knew way before I met him, into the equation, and say I played him, when I didn't. Once we made it official I literally spent all my time and energy on him. Btw I got pregnant 3 months into our relationship and don't know much about him, yet he knows so much about me. Oh and he has a 1 year old son too

But, once I stopped having sex he basically wasn't interested in me anymore and I'm an emotional person, always have my heart on my sleeves, and he says it bothers him. I'm hurt and feel betrayed literally and want to be happy and for him to be in his daughter's life but he makes it hard when he calls me out my name and belittles me and always rub it in my face how we don't date anymore but one day we will. I love him & all but I feel like I don't know...what do you think... Sorry for the long message


Ashley - posted on 12/08/2012




You need to start preparing for a custady battle regardless on how you feel now start a log book everytime he belittles you and wright it down no emotions just what was said. Start looking into your laws for child custady. Do not allow your emotions to govern your decisions right now or you will regret it. You havent had your baby yet but when you do everything will change and although you think there wont be any issues with him and there may not be you need to be prepared for the worst and hope fore the best not the other way around. if you want to continue a relationship with him then sejest councelling because with out it worked out properly then there will allways be issues. Best wishes

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