How to cope with regretting tubal ligation

Altavia - posted on 07/30/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I had my tubes tied 2years ago after my third born. I regret it I'm only 26 and I want more children. Tubal reversals are pricey so I stopped looking into that! My husband didn't want me to do it but I did not care what he thought at the time because I felt that three was enough. I'm am trying to cope but I'm having lots of problems heavy and very painful periods that the docs say its not because of the tubal! I think it is because I didn't have that problem until I had the surgery. So many women around me are pregnant that I know and it eats at me because I want more. How can I cope with the anxiety and depression? How to cope with the heavy and painful periods? Are there any payment plans for the tubal reversal?


Heart09 - posted on 07/31/2013




God has bless you with 3 lovely children. Some can't have any at all. Please don't take this the wrong way. Not trying to discourage you from reversing but that's not always a guarantee. Someone who I know had went to get it done and it was not reversible due to the tubes being damaged. I don't know you personally or your faith but pray about it and if it's God's will it will be done. As far as heavy periods, they can be a nightmare. I know because I suffered tremendously for years. 1st 4 days were the worst. I searched and tried many things. I finally found something I feel help me a lot. In the beginning it changed right away and then started acting wacky again after. according to some of the reviews I've read some women had the same problem. I figure I'd give it a chance to work. I haven't had a heavy one in a while and I also take it maybe a few days out of the month. Just to see if the periods get heavy again. I do forget to take it sometimes to. I believe after suffering for years that this has worked for me. I say look it up and see the different reviews on it any you decide for yourself. It's called Vitex and it's all natural. When I took it for the first time I'll be honest I did not take the recommended dose, only because I wanted to see if I would be allergic. I had no reaction to it. Best wishes to you and I hope it all works out for you. Btw you can search it online. I get mine from Nature's way brand. and it's very reasonable.


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